• I would ask around any elctronics store, if they dont carry them they may be able to tell you who would carry them. But do me a favor, when you find someone who has them let me know, I have been looking for one myself. No one seems to have them around me! and its making me mad!!!!
  • A Playstation 2 Format disk does not refer to a specific disk. It means insert a disk of the right type. In other words - it cannot read the NTSC disk.
  • A Playstation 2 bought in the UK only plays PAL format PS2 games. A Playstation 2 Game bought in North America (including the USA) is NTSC U/C format. Bottom line: Games bought in North America will not play in a Playstation 2 bought in the UK. And Games bought in the UK will not play in a Playstation 2 bought in North America. Also works with Playstation 1 Games. I believe that the PS3 is region-free, unlike the PS2 which is region-locked.

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