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  • Are you even overweight? Being healthy is all that's imporant, you don't have to be skinny or something. What is he jealous of? Your body? Eh I don't know what to call this, maybe he's just being a meanie? If he was my bf I wouldn't appreciate being told I need to lose weight just so he could be attracted though -_-
  • It appears that he just wants you to lose weight. Hes hoping that sexual attraction would be a reason you would consider a diet. Hes having sex with you though so I don't think its true. Next time you see him tell him " I'm sorry im not sexually attracted to you anymore your just to skinny for me" and don't have sex with him.
  • i'd be a bitch and say, if you're not attracted to me then access denied. how many times has he said it to you?
  • what would i call this?! MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL ABUSE! what person in their right mind says that crap? im sorry but if u love someone- u love EVERYTHING about them, including that extra weight (if there is any) what a tool! dont let him get your confidence down! if he appears jealous and he wants sex in the morning- he is sexually attracted to you. cuz he wouldnt get jealous otherwise! ugh what a little pig! seriously just dunp that idiot! go find someone that loves you for you! all of u! someone that wont even notice your weight and will be sexually attracted to you and think u are absolutely beautiful inside and out. ok. he wanst control, u lose weight for him- u show how desperate u are to keep him = control!!! i have heard this sh!t before, go find someone who treats u well! and rub it in his face. what a sick, twisted little twerp he is. sorry, but NOBODY says that to someone they love. and dont believ it for a second. its straight out mental torture. one of the worst kinds. stay with him and it will get a lot worse in various ways and he ll get more and more control of you and you will get lower and lower in self esteem (sounds lik u already pretty down cuz u seem to think this is ok =S) and u will accept more crap from him and believe your not worth anything else. if u do one thing for yourself this week...dump him
  • It is the start of an abusive relationship during which he will slowly destroy your self-esteem by passing comment on your appearance calling you fat and unattractive. Then he will have sex with you and eventually he will leave you feeling like you should be grateful he does because nobody would want to. It's classic controlling behaviour. Get out now because you will not have the self confidence to leave in year.

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