• It could mean your diet is pretty poor. Make sure you eat alot of fruit, veggies and fish (if your not a vegeterian)
  • Are you getting enough nutrients?
  • It could be any number of things: 1. Lack of adequate nutrients. If you speak with a nutritionist about the foods that you eat, you will learn whether this is the contributing factor. Restoring a nutritious diet should resolve this problem. 2. Stress (Emotional): If you have been experiencing a continuous level of stress at school, work, family/home, and/or love life, this could cause you to lose your hair. Finding good & healthy ways to cope with stressful elements in your life will restore your hair to its previous lustre (combined with an adequate nutritious diet, of course). 3. Stress (Physical): If you've been through some recent major surgery and/or therapy, your body will be focusing its attention on healing those damaged parts, and your hair growth will suffer. This may last for a few months, but if your recovery is adequate, it should be restored after recovery. This also includes a few months after giving birth. 4. Medication (adverse reaction): If you've recently started a new regimen of prescription and/or non-prescription medication, you may be experiencing a side-effect of hair loss. Get in touch with your physician to determine if this is the case. 5. Hair styles (yes, hair styles!): If you've got a very tight hair-do (pigtail/ponytail/cornrows, etc.) the constant stress of the hair pulling away from the scalp may be causing hair loss. 6. Infections/Disease: Any number of infections or diseases such as diabetes may cause hair loss as a side-effect. In all of these situations, it would be better to seek the advice of your family doctor to get an accurate answer and make sure you get the proper treatment required. Best of luck!
  • Stress may do it, and if that's the case, then you don't have to worry too much, because when you're that young, your hair grows back constantly. However, you might still want to do something about the stress, and proper nourishment to compensate for the accelerated hair loss, so that your body can better replenish it. :/ And, do you have thick hair? We lose like 1000 hairs a day naturally, and when someone's hair is thick, the falling hair is a lot more apparent. If none of these apply, I would recommend seeing a specialist about this. :/
  • Cut down your intake of expansive foods - soft drinks, alcohol, drugs, fruits, sweets, sugar, candy, etc.
  • 2-16-2017 As you probably noticed in the responses, nobody knows anything about nutrition except that American nutrition is not right. You just have to get some books and learn the business yourself. These books are old, but still the most popular introduction to the subject: Quick check: Get B-50 or B-100, cut pills into quarters, and take one piece every hour or so. B2 is a dye that turns urine bright yellow, so when the color fades, it's time for another dose.

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