• My intuition wants to ask about your refined sugar intake and or caffeine. I would look at diet first and move toward whole unprocessed foods like fresh fruits and vegetables. Hope this helps As far as alarms, there is one device that gradually makes the room brighter and brighter. This might trigger more an awake response.
  • Hmm! Get an amplifier
  • Once upon a time, people bought an "alarm clock," which was a device designed specifically to wake you abruptly and require physical intervention to stop its annoying clatter. Works better when located just out of arm's reach from the bed.
  • maybe you can get an extra loud one or a vibrating alarm clock
  • Maybe something as simple as going to bed a little earlier will solve this. You are probably one of those people who needs a certain number of hours sleep so if you are sleeping after the alarm rings try going to bed a little earlier. Otherwise buy a new alarm with an adjustable ringer and set it to LOUD.
  • Go to bed earlier and move the alarm so you have to get out of bed to turn it off, and don't use snooze. Get up!
  • buy a normal cheap as alarm clock that has a loud long ring til its turned off manually and move it away from the bed so ya need to get up to turn it off!!

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