• A 1933 Chicago Worlds fair token. This brass token, 1 1/8” diameter by 1/16” thick, The side which shows Arcturus, the symbol for the fair, reads,” 1933 [ARCTURUS logo] 1933 A CENTURY OF PROGRESS CHICAGO”. The other side reads “JOHNSON Winged [pair of out-spread wings with ‘70’ at the center] GASOLENE” The word "gasolene" was coined in 1865 from the word gas and the chemical suffix -ine/-ene. The modern spelling was first used in 1871. The shortened form "gas" for gasoline was first recorded in American English in 1905 and is often confused with the older words gas and gases that have been used since the early 1600s. Gasoline originally referred to any liquid used as the fuel for a gasoline-powered engine, other than diesel fuel or liquefied gas; methanol racing fuel would have been classed as a type of gasoline.
  • I have the same coin did you find out anything else about it

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