• If you consider looking at another woman cheating, then yes. All men will cheat on you. Probably daily.
  • LOL @ "cheating with their eyes". Based on this impossibly (and stupidly) strict definition of "cheating", the answer is "yes, except for profoundly blind men". Please don't marry and ruin some man's life with this freakish attitude.
    • Jewels Vern
      I second that emotion.
  • No it is not true. How does a person cheat with their eyes?
    • Myang
      when they adore much the other person than their lover?
  • No... Not "all men" cheat. Are all men tempted? No... SOME men are, but that DOESN'T mean they will follow through with it. Age means nothing... It can be when they are young, middle-age, old, elderly, or even on their deathbed. Temptation, again, does NOT mean cheating. Also, you can't "cheat with your eyes". Looking is NOT cheating. (Otherwise, all those women who are hot for Brad Pitt, George Clooney, or others, would be considered cheaters, right?) Physical AND emotional cheating involves two people. Physical cheating involves at least ONE of them ... getting happy (orgasm). Emotional cheating involves falling for (in love with) the other (more than friendship), and becoming distant from the spouse. And, again... No. Not all men will cheat, whether they feel temptation or not.
  • Just want to say...if i mean "cheating with eyes" I mean looking at another woman and fantasizing about her, imagining her naked and stripping her with your eyes. And then (maybe) get an orgasm.
    • Jewels Vern
      Thinking about cheating is not cheating.
  • Certainly most all men will look at someone and yes fantasize about being with her. And I would guess most men do "feel like cheating" a lot of the time and a lot will do it. And not just in "mid-life crisis", whatever that is! But notice that your basic assumption seems to be that men "cheat" while we (women) do not. That is because we put our relationship always first while with most men it is their work or what they want to accomplish in life that comes first. So relationship being most important to us we do whatever we can to keep it going which to us means not cheating. Whereas for most men their relationship , while still important, is not AS important so it they choose to do something that might threaten it they do so thinking OK if it ends I can get into another relationship. Of course many of us "cheat" as well, for various reasons. But one of the main reason anybody "cheats" is that we like to feel desired and accepted and appreciated and having a good or exciting sexual relationship with somebody can give us those strokes that make us feel good about ourselves.
  • Men and women are different. It's the way men evolved, there is a built-in drive to procreate.

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