• Sometimes its hearing things that's like a radio signal but not really voices in your head. I don't think I can explain it but I've heard things but when I tugged on my ears it would stop.
  • You forgot to take your MP3 player out??? Seriously: If they're not troubling you I wouldn't worry about them. You're not alone in this! 1 in around 25 people have similar experiences. I used to hear voices when I was a lot younger but I accepted mine as positive as opposed to traumatic. Obviously if they are causing you anguish, seek medical advice. Good luck and tell your friend I said Hi!;-)
  • Its that land between waking and dreaming, or waking and daydreaming. Some claim its a psychic/mediumship gift but those people claim to have developed it until they can manage two-way waking conversations. Its only when all male voices* demand that you do stuff, or work to increase your anxiety levels, that mental health issues like schizophrenia should be looked at. *Apparently because female voices are stored in the same area of brain as music, they become too difficult for the brain to recreate for this sort of construct.
  • It's called tinnitis. My husband has it also. See this for more information:
  • Maybe your an angel from above and other angels from paradise are trying to contact with you! I have the same problem here they won't let me do my job on earth! (rolling eyes)

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