• well I would like to also propose a toast to you, for be so strong at this point in your divorce. Most people are very emotional on the day their divorce is final. I personally would like to propose a toast to Jordan, who I hope someday I will be able to say to that I want to spend the rest of my life with!
  • I would much prefer to propose a toast to the wonderful you that is you .. for your strength and endurance .. i honor you and wish you well on your journey through life {{{RAINBOW HUGS)))
  • Nope. This is your day. Party time!!
  • I would like to propose a toast to all those divorced women over 30 out there. You guys are my favorites. Thank you Jill, Nadia, and Martha. Here's to you guys, and all the others. Keep prowling.
  • Congrats, but isn't it a strange feeling when after you have spent years with someone, it's over with a piece of paper in the mail. I called my g/f when I got my final notice. So, a toast to new relationships.
  • To your new found freedom..cheers!
  • Welcome to life 2.0 -Cheers
  • I've learned that liars will be liars. To crawl back to him is insane; I'm moving on. I never thought that I would move on and still hated my ex so much, but it happened. I deleted him from my life and never look back. I won't make the same mistakes...
  • To all those who realized they can stand on their own 2 feet... who realized that they deserved better and did something to make it happen. Forgiveness isn't a warm fuzzy feeling you get, it's a conscious decision you have to make and re-make every day. Here's to making that decision and to moving on. Cheers. (from a divorce survivor)
  • To lessons learned and to not making the same mistake again.

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