• Absolutely, especially if you're babysitting on occasion or raising them. It takes a village to raise children and grandparents have done it before. The type of discipline depends on the child and the offence - it could range from no TV to "tapping" their rear - whatever will get the message across.
  • If they have been left in charge of the children yes, the discipline they use should be what they know the parents themselves would do.
  • I find my grandkids take notice when I tell them 'No!' firmly. They are even taken aback and surprised as I'm usually more tolerant than their parents are. (That's what happens when we don't have to keep them all the time!) I only get firm if they're being really silly or doing something that could hurt them or someone else. I tend to give them choices like, 'Do you want to keep fighting your brother or go indoors and not play any more?' Since they have to make the choice they're more likely to stick to the right one. We have a duty to make proper boundaries and contribute to their moral welfare, but we shouldn't scare them.
  • OK and necessary - especially when we are in charge. The thing is, it is a whole lot easier. Either they are more compliant or I am better at it. For one thing, I have more patience ... and more wisdom. I seldom have to raise my voice. I don't need corporal punishment to get the job done (except picking them up and removing them from a situation - the preschoolers). Our 7 1/2 year old really understands the meaning of "no." They don't intimidate me and I have no need to intimidate them. I find that offering them alternatives and distractions can be very helpful. I like being a granddad.
  • First of all, let's clarify something here: Discipline is TRAINING, it's not punishment. When you potty train a child, you are disciplining him on matters of personal hygene. When you tell a child ha cannot have too many sweets because it's bad for him, you are disciplining him on what an acceptable diet is. When you teach a child to read, you are disciplining him in intellectual studies which will serve him well in the future. Physical punishment is only a very tiny aspect of the total sphere of discipline. Pain is Mother Natures way of teaching those who will not or can not learn from other's mistakes. I believe it should be used sparingly and with deliberate thought, not in anger. As for what ANYBODY may be allowed to do in terms of discipline...if YOU are the parent, what YOU say goes. Training is at it's most effective when it's consistent ALL THE TIME and from EVERYBODY. If rude behavior is not acceptable in your house, it is not acceptable at grandma and grandpa's house, at school, at the playground, at church, in the grocery store...or anywhere else. You need to talk FIRST with you spouse on this subject and then to your parents (or in-laws) to let them know what is acceptable and not acceptable in terms of discipline. But remember this: Grandma and grandpa reserve the right to to tell you not to bring a rude child to their home if they cannot apply the rules of their house. (Just an example...not saying your children are rude. Just reminding that as with you and your house, their house requires people to obey their rules)
  • Yes, I strongly think that grandparents should be able to discipline their grandchildren. Appropriate discipline is necessary whether your a parent or grandparent. However, I do think that the parents and grandparents need to keep the communication open and be in agreement as to what is considered "discipline". They need to work together as a loving team with the childs best interest in mind.
  • See my other answer also. When they are in your house, they abide by your rules. We don't let them take food out of the kitchen and have gotten parental permission regarding the tools of grandpa's they use and the riding of skateboards and bikes in our neighborhood. We are't severe but there are rules.
  • Yes, I just think that whatever disciplining is done should be done in accordance to whatever disciplining is already being done by the parents. Make sure you're on the right page... we don't want any "Well, Grandma said...."
  • Very tricky question..if and only if they have the permission of their children and if and only if their "discipline" mirrors that of the parents. The parents rule..the grandparents are just guests. If they try to override the parents, that is very bad for the children..confuses them and makes them feel insecure. :) The grandparents had their shot..they either keep quiet or reinforce the discipline rules of the parents of these kids.
  • I wouldn't have any problem with my parents disciplining my son (when he gets older of course- he doesn't get into too much trouble at 8 months). They have a pretty good track record when it comes to raising kids! :)
  • Yes, as long as the parents are aware of it and agree on the methods used. If the grandparents are the child's guardians then they must take charge of disciplining the child.
  • Yes, as training. Thank for the word THE CHIEF. Recently Luke took a chunk of watermelon out the bowl, took a bite, and put it back. I trained him that once he took a bite, he owns it. I made him take it to the table to eat. That's right; training!!!

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