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  • last week
  • I felt like that when I was in high school. I was convinced it would never be better. I was so very tunnel visioned, I guess. My problems were the end of the world. It's funny what a decade of growing up, life experiences, and moving on does to you. Suddenly... the world seems bigger, and more hopeful. There is strength in building a future... and you find that strength one productive decision at a time.
  • a little less than a month ago...but i realized that i'm only getting tested because i can pass the test...
  • yesterday...I asked the question, "How do you close your AB account?"
  • I don't think I've ever felt that way. But I would encourage anyone who felt that way to seek help. And if I knew this person...I'd expect them to contact me.
  • Several days ago when I got news and saw someone that I didnt expect to see..chilled to the bone and figured why bother, not again..may as well just quit trying now..then..I got angry and pushed that bs out of my head and today..grabbed the proverbial bull by the horns..LMAO Not going to be taken out by fear or emotion..and never by my own hand :)
  • When I was ona diet two weeks ago and wasnt losing anything so I decide it was rush so I didnt go on woth it hehe :)
  • In the morning when I woke up! Booked in for 3 hospital appointments and beginning to hate it!
  • Never..there is my son, there is Jim, there is myself, there is my family, there are my friends..each one is a "reason to go on"! :)
  • first time was last night :( i can't believe the hole i am in right now... i need the hospitals and police to either disappear or at least learn how to assist lives rather than destroy them... i can't afford the fines so what will i do? I don't want to go to jail forever so i think i would rather just die
  • That is something that we all have to struggle with everyday. Life is tough. But just think of one person that you love. There ya go!! That is a reason.
  • evary day
  • Its been for awhile and i can't stop thinking it either
  • been there before but kept going because it would be selfish of me to hurt my loved ones
  • Oooh, that was this morning, when I got up and before that it was last night when I went to bed and yesterday morning and...

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