• sea salt soaks = win ...took me about a week to get rid of my bumps soaking it once a day
  • LilFred said it all. If you want to use GENTLE pressure after a soak, with a q-tip, see if that helps drainage. If nothing comes out, don't force it. Instead of coming to a head the bump may just disappear, so it's ok if you can't encourage pus to come out. With stubborn bumps, you can add a drop of tea tree oil to the soak. But it's strong stuff, and I wouldn't use it if the soak alone is helping.
  • lol so i was too lazy to go to the store and i am using table salt. i use a small cups and fill the bottom with salt and then add hot water. i get a piece of toilet paper and dip it in there and make it into a ball shape and put it in my ear for a few minutes. take it out and use a q-tip. it's been working very well. it's been about 3 or 4 days and it's very small now. =] just thought i'd let everyone know because using the seasalt stuff is like $10 and most people that get piercings might be broke after their 40-50 dollar piercing lol.

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