• Big, hungry cat!
  • Put out some cheese that has been adulterated with a poison.
  • I was told that mice breed every 3 weeks (not sure if thats true) but if it is then you must have a nest somewhere and they are obviously breeding. You can buy mouse poison that you put down in little containers (like bun cases). You can tell if they have eaten any because it gets spilt all over where they have been eating it. (MAKE SURE YOU DON'T PUT IT NEAR PETS OR CHILDREN THOUGH). I put it under the sofa and also my father in law (an electrican) unscrewed a couple of electrical sockets and put the poison inside the cavity walls (then put the sockets back on). Apparently the poison causes the mouse to bleed internally but painlessly, just eventually passes out and dies. Other than that, mouse trap with peanut butter on it. Just cover your ears when you hear to snap!!
  • Like on River Cottage, you just ask them to leave. Hugh’s garden pest problems are now being rivaled inside the Cottage, with an infestation of mice! Desperate measures call ... for unusual powers of persuasion and Hugh calls in vegan mouse charmers. ... Other than that. I never had a mice problem. So I really don'yt know. Sorry.
  • i thought i had one or two mice last winter. in fact, i caught 32 of them before i got rid of them all. keep trying.. it might take a few weeks. if you want permanent protection youll have to set out rat poisons
  • Get two very hungry cats and keep them inside your place!
  • I had mice in the kitchen, bedroom and garage. They always found a way in. They would boldly cross the floor while I was watching TV. Got a cat and she did well, but I didn't always find the ones she left behind. (yuk!) I don't dislike mice, I just don't want them in my house. So I founded and have been totally mouse free for 1+ years. No bait, no poison, no traps, no mess, but no mice either (yea!).
  • well I would not like to kill mice with poison behind the cavity walls cause if they die behind the walls they are gonna stink your place out !! the old fashioned slap trap works well or get a cat !!
  • The nest could be outside in a pile of rocks or wood...find out and destroy their hiding place.....plug every opening they use with steel wool...put out posion under an old milk delivery crate(one with holes...or a plastic filing box with holes) set the box in a place your pets or children cannot reach...put a heavy brick or concrete block on top. The brown boxed blue pellet type posion works like a charm.
  • Apparently mice don't like the smell of chestnuts or chestnut products.Try putting some chestnuts down at doors or skirting boards or spraying cleaning products smelling of chestnut.
  • Only problem you might have by blocking all the entrances is that you are also blocking all the exits!! Get a mouse repeller then they hopefully won't come in at all! Mines been plugged in for 6 months and no mice:):):)

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