• People always thing there are mantras to make someone love them. That is fairly wrong. There is no mantra except Love. If you want to love a person. Love the person truely and sincerely. If you can love a person with your heart and unconditionally avoiding the attitude of being so possessive.. you will earn his friendship. And who some days he will surely love you someday. To avail love someone , love them unconditionally, and more than that speak to them that you love them even when they don't want to listen. Someday your true love will bring that person to you... To get someone's love, To love that person is the best solution.
  • No mantra,just this: Love brings Love
  • Have you tried just saying hello? I hear that's popular these days. =P
  • I don't think so.
  • I dunno. Prolly. You sound like the kind of crazy person that I seem to attract.
  • ‘Vashikaran’ literally means ‘to have someone under your control’. Hence, the Vashikaran Yantra is worshipped and used to attract the person you desire and bring him or her under your influence. This Yantra is used to enchant (spell) and bring the person you love in your life. It can also be used for attraction and drawing someone in your life. It is a very powerful Yantra. If your Saturn is bad then you can use together with Nav Graha Yantra to maximize the benefit. Vashikaran can also be used to attract prosperity and success in your life. It concentrates the energy of your mind waves to influence the woman or man of your dreams and within a period of 40 to 90 days attracts her or him towards you. The more intense your desire, the faster the results – provided you perform the ritual worship of the Vashikaran Yantra with sincere devotion and single-minded purpose. This yantra is to attract someone you love, get the partner of your choice. A real mystical marvel of the ancient Indian science. If your love is true you will see the result from the first day itself.
  • For attracting someone you love or drawing a soulmate into your life. Also for bringing a beloved person under control for good or beneficial intentions such as promoting harmony and synchronicity as a couple. This Yantra should not be used for negative purposes or ill intentions. This Yantra can be applied in various ways such as gaining cordial professional and personal relationships between superiors, colleagues, friends and others. It can also help obtain favours from others especially in matters relating to one's profession. At the same time, it helps enhances a good impression of yourself on others to win affection and friendship in their hearts and minds. This Yantra also causes others to be drawn towards you favorably. It should be noted that this Yantra will work only if there is a karmic propensity between the two people. Love can only be encouraged to happen, never forced.
  • Association Purpose: to attract the person you desire and bring him or her under your influence Mantra Om Lakeem Lakeem (name of person) Mum Vashyam Kuru Kuru Swaha v
  • Yantra Guidelines First purify your body and start with a clear and positive mind frame Find a place on the floor facing east, where you will be undisturbed. Light the incense or diya. (It does not matter how many you light). Lay a fresh flower and a fresh fruit on the altar. Open the Yantra and place it along with the image of the deity of yantra and your isht God. Take the water with any leaf from any tree and sprinkle the water on yourself followed by sprinkling the water on the Yantra. Then purify your soul and surrender yourself completely in devotion to God and chant 21 times the mantra. Close your eyes and concentrate on the deity to bless you with wishes. Now with all sincerity, ask God to grant you the desire of your life that you wanted to be fulfilled in your own language.
  • you dont love him, its lust. just ask him out, its easier than learning sanskrit.
  • om lakeem lakeem (name) mum vashyam kuru kuru swaha...what is the way to recite it...i mean whats the procedure..and how many times u shud recite...
  • if you read answer 4/12 you will see the procedure..
  • no. just be yourself and if its meant to be it will be. if its not meant to be you are better off finding someone who loves you for you and not because you made them do it.
  • Find some Supari (Fruit of the areca palm), and infused it 108 times with this mantra: Whosoever is offered this supari and eats it, will be under your control. It is best to take sweet supari packets duly infused and kept with you for use. The mantra: "Om Dev namo Hrarye tha tha Swaha" Personally I don’t recommend it. Let everything be natural without any mantra.
  • where do I get the yantra ?
  • No, but you can buy a vibrator in any drug store and think about him when you use it. Same thing, but more reliable.

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