• maybe you should be investing that energy into doing something about that unhappy marriage at home first.
  • I'm in a situation similar to this but we don't work together.I'm also married (but definitely not happy). I've tried everything also to save my marriage but its not working. Im basically in a relationship with another man. He's also married, but he just got married because "he felt it was the right thing to do". They were together forever before he decided to do this. We were kicking it before he got married. But I say go for it if thats what you want to do. See what the other guy is all about. If your man isn't doing what he's suppose to do to keep you happy and you've tried... Have at it!!
  • Depends on what you are hoping for. If you want a man who would flirt with another married while with you, then tell him. If you want a man to love you for who you re, then don't tell him & look in your own backyard. I did exactly what you are thinking of doing. I told my daughter's mother that I still loved her. We were best friends for 10 years at the time. She & I no longer speak to each other except for daughter stuff. What good relationship we had is no longer there. Some things are best left as a dream.
  • its not good to have affairs

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