• Why would you think he has low standards? Every man has his type of girls, as every woman has hers. You should have more confidence in yourself.
  • You may not want to sound insecure...but you are!....You can also spell and form sentences, a major plus on Answerbag...Why not relax and see if it is YOU he likes as a person!.... I am a Jesuit Monk.
  • low standerds? no he has his choice in women that me may like! and maybe he likes you as a person as well!
  • Maybe you remind him of someone ... and by the way, you have a terribly inaccurate image of yourself. .
  • perhaps he sees the high standard of your heart.
  • it's only weird because you should love yourself no matter what society deems as beautiful. you should always, in every situation think, rather than "oh they're staring coz i suck", you should think: " oh damn, here's another bunch staring who think i am amazing and crazy-mazing..... NEVER think someone attracted to you is lowering their standards ...
  • Not all guys like really skinny girls. Some men, believe it or not, do like a gal with a little meat on her bones( I am one of them)
  • One thing you will learn as you get older is beauty is in the eye of the beholder so what one guy might think is low standard is another guys total turn on
  • BBWs have to realize that there are some men who just like your body for how it is. It's not a fetish, they just like Big beautiful women :D I can't blame you for being insecure, society does that to people, but you also have to be more secure.
  • You should talk to him.
  • Hey if this guy likes you then stop beating yourself up and go have some fun!
  • Oh good grief... I'm really thin, not that pretty either, and guys are always staring at me too! And I've got stretch marks! Do they show? No, of course they don't, unless I take my clothes off, and so what?? If I like a guy enough to go that far, then he can jolly well like them!! Have faith in yourself, girl - you're a beautiful woman who doesn't need a man to endorse that! Enjoy your body and your sexuality for what they are. And don't give them away too easily just to have that confirmed. Be choosy. Keep 'em guessing. Make them think you have something they want. And they will want it, you know... you have the power ;þ
  • Well, too bad. You do sound insecure. There is nothing wrong with stretch marks and you just may be beautiful and not see it. No, it's not weird. However, it is not healthy, either.
  • The only way you can know he is always staring at you is if you are always staring at him. You think he might have low standards because he is looking at you? maybe he is just wondering why you keep staring at him? You obviously have some self esteem issues so before wondering what people maybe thinking why not work on them?

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