• The Ps2 I Have wouldnt play anything when I first got it (I was gonna fix it for someone then I did and they gave it to me) so i cleaned the lens and now it works. First, if it is the lens you might have to have it sent in to sony look on the back where the on/off switch is there should be a sticker on the crease where the ps2 was joined together when built DO NOT TAKE IT OFF if you do the sticker will read VOID and then your warranty is null and the factory wont do anything about it, if the sticker is already gone then you have nothing to worry about. ok, if the sticker is gone, firts make sure the ps2 is off and unplugged. Take out the square grips on the bottom of the system and the other squares, unscrew the screws you will have to slide it forward a little while lifting the cover to get it off. DONT pull it apart, the little white strip you would see is the power strip, the ps2 wont turn on without it. under the little square with the yellow warning sticker is the lens, rub it gently with a dry cloth and then put the ps2 back together and try it out. if your lucky [i hope you are] that was the problem if not then your ps2 might have suffered too much trauma to work any more and you could have knocked something lose. Good luck!!

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