• you should be able to, hows the voltage problem now? Fixed? I would call your caddy dealer and ask if thats where they recommend charging..or pickup a haynes manual for your car. They are available at any parts store for around 20 should give you this information and wiring schematics you need..
  • DO NOT CHARGE YOUR SYSTEM ON THE HIGH PRESSURE END! If you do, your refrigerant charge bottle can explode. Only charge at the low pressure port
  • The fitting your looking for should be near the should be in the bigger low side line inbetween compressor and the evaporator..It has to be there somewhere..The other comments recieved were correct, some vehicles you can charge from high side but most you can't...try and locate correct fitting..Haynes also makes a A/C techbook #10425..this will be helpful if you want to pick one up..Will help you troubleshoot system as well if you have the correct equipment..sorry about that. Jasper

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