• Well when i want to sleep early, i use a sleeping mask and i put a pillow between my knees, haha! It aligns your body better
  • It is hard to readjust your body clock to an earlier time. The best way I found was to slowly knock back how late you stay up each night until you reach your desired bedtime. So for example, you are used to staying up until 11. Tonight go to bed at 10:45, the next night 10:30, and so on. Then it isn't a huge jolt to your system. If you need quick results, a sleeping mask and something that produces a white noise in the room such as a fan will probably help you fall to sleep faster.
  • I have found the best way is to be VERY tired when 9pm rolls around. Maybe even getting only 5 or 6 hours of sleep the night before you want to change your bedtime. You will be out like a light, get your full nights sleep and it will set your body clock to go to bed around that time every night. All you have to do is maintain this schedule, even on the weekends, until your body is set in it.
  • i have allergies so i take stuff like benadryl

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