• It kinda sounds like one of those made-up laws. But man, that would suck!
  • wait? theres an Auburn in WA? but i just went to an Auburn in north Cali. hmmmm.... ok i guess theres just two auburns but yah its a dumb law. women should be able to give it up whenever they want.
  • sounds like a pretty archaic law, and unenforceable, as it would be difficult to prove...not to mention that the police have bigger crimes to investigate...
  • It sounds to me like one of the old outdated laws (like these from Alabama: It is illegal to play Dominos on Sunday. It is illegal to wear a fake moustache that causes laughter in church. Putting salt on a railroad track may be punishable by death.)
  • Sounds like a perfect example of natural selection at work in the human race. I'm guessing that law isn't enforced anymore, because the people who followed it never reproduced... Also, it kind of makes me wonder what they did to women who deflowered virgins.
  • How is it that only MEN deflower virgins? Does the law not value males who are virgins as well? The law seems sexist, outdated, and rather strong punishment for what may be consensual sex.
  • How else are virgins to be deflowered in this city, through beastiality. This law makes no sense.
  • Must be a lot of out of state sex
  • I have seen many old laws like this. one where a man could not have his top shirt unbutton, exposing his undershirt in the presences of any female that was not his family members. Looks like some need to go through their old law books and remove some out-dated laws that are no longer used.
  • Forget about marrying a virgin. It's against the law to have sex with them. Must be a lot of traffic in and out of that State. LOL
  • Get a room out of town.
  • another useless law all aimed at dominance and control of private affairs of people, so who got to deflower the Virgin Bride on their wedding night the Warlord, the King or the the Kings designate all under the watchful eye of the Church of course ??? Druids didn't sacrifice Virgins, they sacrificed the maidens Virginity to keep the blood lines pure from the conqueror's who claimed and demanded the the first night with the bride as there own ... ~Nemo~
  • So pretty much everyone in the city is not supposed to have sex.... ever? Are they trying to end the human race or something?
  • Who made the law then? Aliens?
  • "I'm going to Auburn then since they probably got plenty of virgins, yam yam." - that's the thought many men will have. You see, these type of laws actually diminish the number of virgins in that community just because the law inevitably will get more people thinking of sex & virgins & Auburn in the same sentence. So sticking gov't nose in private affairs backfires once again and the legislators shoot themselves in the foot. Haha.
  • Im still serving 5 years for hanging my underware on the washline with my wife's. There are old laws on the books in many towns. Politicians must be too busy screwing the pubic and dont have to time to fix them.
  • I think you'd better plan to take your honeymoon elsewhere, even if you live there. Niagara Falls, anyone?

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