• I don't know. what do consider a smart traveler?
  • No I am not. To me, being a smart traveler is no fun. I enjoy the adventure of going into the journey with some unknowns.
  • I like to think of myself as one. I always feel safe, anyway.
  • After much travel around the world, I'd like to think so but there's always so much more to learn:)
  • I'm a smarter traveler now than I was last September when I forgot about the 2-ounce limit for carry-on containers of gels and liquids. We went back east last month and on our return we missed a connecting flight from Denver back to Burbank. My wife waited at the carousel for our baggage while I went to United baggage service to ascertain the fate of our luggage. The lady was quite helpful and told me that our luggage would not be loaded to the terminal but instead would be held for the next flight to Burbank. That little bit o'info saved us a major wait at the carousel. ;) Two things I learned from my trip to India and Nepal were don't run barefoot with open blisters on your feet in a cow patch, and don't pose with snakes. :o
  • I would like to think so. The typical delays at airports don't really fluster me and I tend to try to build a little wiggle room into my flight schedule just in case. Worst case I end up needing the extra day or two due to delays, best case I end up with an extra day or two more than I had planned on having. As for road travel, I've a well-used road atlas and use that to plan my routes through areas I'm not familiar with. Any uncertainties regarding the route I can clear up with mapquest or similar tools or just ask a local when I get in the area. I dislike the in-car GPS systems as I find them distracting and irritating and to me they take some of the fun out of it, I rather like navigating the old fashioned way for some reason. Also from time to time I like to go up a back road just to see where it takes me, generally the GPS squawks about 'off road travel, please make a U turn, return to primary road', etc., etc. rather than providing me with actual useful data. Personal GPS systems can give better info but frankly if I am too dumb to figure out where I'm at with a map and compass I deserve to be lost. I also always have in my vehicle a sleeping bag, three days' food & water supplies, TP, first aid kit, shovel, flashlight, and a few other items so when stranded I'm okay. So, I guess I am a smart traveler though I do occasionally have a sense of adventure, I just go about it in as prepared a manner as I can.
  • I guess. I havn't missed a plane or driven in the complete opposite direction that I'm supposed to go.
  • I really try to be - I consolidate trips, look for the best fares, shop for lodging costs, and share expenses when possible.
  • I consider myself a savvy traveler now but always willing to learn a new trick or two--especially now with new travel issues developing daily and old ones constantly changing...
  • Yes i am a smart taveler. any doubt?
  • Yes, I suppose.

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