• no, i try not to be one
  • Someone who superfluously uses the word exactly in their questions.
    • Abha
      Hey, do I do that ? .....hee hee hee....
    • Linda Joy
      You like using 3's! Lol even your hee hee hee is in 3's! Go look at your emoticons!
  • A perfectionist is someone who never admits when they're wrong. lol
  • Never let dreams of perfection stand in the way of the reality of greatness.
  • Speaking of being a perfectionist, I like to be diligent in a task that suits my abilities such as the job I have in my local shop which is a stock control assistant. When I clean something, I make sure I get everywhere with effort. You can probably tell I’m a doer as well as just saying things by taking action. Some people believe in a perfect person but there is no such thing because we all make mistakes and some people, not everyone, learn from their mistakes.

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