• yes, but thats a stupid reason to file bankruptcy over. just dont pay.
  • what u mean just dont pay?
  • I'm thinking about filing chapter 7 also. But after this house gets foreclosed on.
  • You can, but why wreck the next seven years of your life over one payment? First, establish that you owe them the money. Then try to work out a payment plan. Even if you can't pay and default on the account, your credit will still fare far better than if you file for bankruptcy, which the government recently made very difficult to do.
  • oh so jus let em repo. then if then if they want sum money, just dont pay?
  • i called chase, company i have the truck financed with. i asked if i can have the truck trnsfered to someone else(take over payments). they said something like they didnt have a branch in tenessee or that person would have to get a loan and pay them off. so in other words, no. i was saying to myself, how the hell is somebody supposed to get a $12,000 loan?!?! i guess ill just have it repo'd.
  • anyone have any ideas? i already have another truck im paying for, i cant pay for both....

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