• If it runs until a certain RPM independent of load (e.g. if you rev it up in neutral), you may have a partially obstructed exhaust. If the exhaust is partially plugged, exhaust will start to back up into the cylinders, which will cause it to stumble and lose power until the RPMs drop. Good luck.
  • My 1988 2.3L ranger was doing sort of the same thing. where I would rev it up to a certain RPM while driving and it would feal like it was losing power but after a few seconds if I kept it at the same RPM it would "CLEAR OUT" and it would run like a CHAMP. I took apart my intake manifold and cleaned EVERYTHING out really well. I adjusted the Throttle positioning censor also and cleaned out all the dirt and grime from buildup over the years. It seems to run A LOT better and it does still have that symptom BUt it has reduced DRASTICALLY and is not as severe as before. also it happens a lot les frequently.

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