• I think they do it two times a year in the spring and fall.Some of the merchants from the towns would be there to trade with them.I also herd that there would be prostitutes there.These rendezvous were basicly traveling shops and stores for all the people that lived far up in the moutains.
  • Usually it was once a year. It was when the mountain men would meet up with traders and the reps from companies that bought their furs. It was the only time of year that these solitary men would meet up with others like themselves, gossip, trade for some supplies and maybe find a new partner and hear of new territories that held good trapping. It was like a fun business meeting and sales event.
  • i think usually just once a year. when i lived in anchorage, alaska as a kid they still kept the tradition alive with the annual fur rendezvous. it was a heckuva lot of fun ;)

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