• not sure, im still trying to figure that out
  • Besides a little gout? (One 500 mg pill daily)
  • Others saying good for him,serves him right.
    • Linda Joy
      I don't understand.
  • When I had lymes 20 yrs ago, and 9 mos later got over it, I have gained perspective where I don't judge cranky old folks when they are nasty and/or gruff. I ask myself the question" I wonder if they are living with chronic pain" (like I did for nearly a year)
    • Linda Joy
      I've had degenerative joint disease since I was 40. I've broken 6 different bones and was T-boned in a car wreck besides being physically abused so my body has been through a lot. I don't know what it feels like to have Lyme disease.
    • Roaring
      Achy everywhere, especially the joints, brain fog not being able to think strait day in and day out. Some lymes folks had it much worse with bells palsy and nerve damage. Wow Linda Joy you've had your share and then some of hard knocks. I'll bet your connection to people like on AB helps.
    • Linda Joy
      AB helps me help people, but I feel like I've been able to do more in my real life world. I'm limited to visitors staying no more than 3 nights in a 30 day period, but I try to help when I can. Before I experienced homelessness I thought if I could provide for a family on minimum wage everyone else should be able to do it too. I've learned a lot since then. Still learning, but sharing what I know. I know chronic pain! And I know brain fog! And I'm also old enough to know there are numerous reasons why old folks get cranky, and I say they are entitled to be! However, they'd probably be happier if they choose to let things go and find joy in their journey. Still learning to do that as well!
  • Whenever I'm in the refining fire of the Lord, there is always a purpose which he makes known. There is always a soft, peaceful, place to land. I have no ill will or resentful feelings at all. However if it is NOT of the Lord it 's like large hail slamming against the glass, I just wait for it to end. After 40 plus years walking with the Lord I know the difference, wihout a doubt.

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