• I love kids. I want 8. Sadly, my wife only wants 4.
  • i love kids and i cant wait to have them:) i want to have like a maximum of like 4 but at least 2 :P
  • YEAH DEFINATELY!!!! i would like 5.
  • I love kids, especially my own! I only wanted one, but ended up having twins, which I'm glad happened! I love them more than words can explain.
  • I love kids i want 4 ive got 2 now im working on 2 more
  • yeah i love kids.. i want to have three kids or what my partner wants... ^^
  • I always wanted five, I only have 3. Now mine are getting older...I don't want anymore.
  • I adore kids! If it was possible i would want to adopt every child on earth lol sadly i do realize this is not possible I want to have 3 kids (preferably boys) naturally and then adopt some children...idk how many...i'm thinking lots hehe I would also like to be a foster parent as well :)
  • Sure I love kids and they are fun to be with.Never ever planned. It just happened.
  • Adopt one.
  • I love kids... I wanted to have 8 when I was young... Now I would love to have 3 I have one boy and I want one more boy then a little girl!!! I hope to have it happen that way because I want 2 older brothers there to keep the rottin girl in line!!! I am scared of raising a girl!!! But I want to do her hair and dress her up!!!
  • yes i love kids...have a step son and would like one also.
  • love em but couldnt eat a whole one
  • I love kids. I have always wanted 2. I have one, and we are working on the second. After that, I know I am stepping out of the gene pool.
  • yes i love kids, i had four, i wanted all four.
  • I want to give birth, but I also want to adopt or foster. I think a Baker's dozen would suit me. (Yes, I am serious!) :D
  • I love kids, and can't wait to have some of my own. @ - 5 would suit me fine
  • I'm a guy who has many times in the past voiced the phrase, "Children are the perfect form of birth control." Not by running into the bedroom while mom and dad are trying to have fun, but by showing all the people who don't have kids how much pain it is to deal with brats. Even though I say this: I spent a couple of years, just before I moved here for college, working in a small office for a bookkeeper. The woman I worked for shared the building with her daughter, who owned a salon in the other half of the building. The sharing of half of the building allowed for the woman I worked for and her daughter to share child-care duties over the two young granddaughters of the woman I worked for. Being a new hire, and with my boss having her granddaughters so close, an introduction was mandatory. At first, the two girls, 3 and 5 when I started, were a bit shy around the new person, and I focused on my job, letting my boss and her daughter take care of them. Over the next couple of years, I grew attached to the little brats, to the point that I miss them now that I'm gone. I felt like a part of the family (maybe a distant uncle) before I moved for college. Ok, Wow. I should let myself open up more often. Basically, I like kids on general principle. I can't stand tantrums and whining in strangers' kids, but I've managed to deal with it in the girls mentioned earlier. I definitely want children of my own sometime in the future, but I don't have any plans on how many. Two or three would be good with me. As long as me and my future wife get lots of "practice" before we actually succeed.
  • We both love kids and we had planned for two and ended having two only. One boy and the other girl. That completes the family. Now no more.
  • Never wanted any and never had any:)
  • I'm quite the opposite. I'm childfree.

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