• Why do you think she is being so rude? has something happened that she can't get over? Is she still married? How are things going for her? Does she have a job? some women will tend to get very tense if something has happened and it keeps bothering them. Try asking her whats on her mind, or what is bothering her whenever she gets this way. Don't leave her at 18 unless you have to, like everyone teenager they leave at 18 normally for College, or boyfriend/girlfriend reasons. I can't give you a specific answer on how to talk to her, just try and think of things that could be bothering her, then try and ask her, and have her open up to you and tell you what's simply going on! -Jessica Edgell soon to be Zeidler.
  • not much you can do but talk to her and move out when youre 18
  • Your problem may be that you wanted to "talk TO her" instead of talk WITH her. If communication is not got or missing start over and work up. The best way to connect with almosy anyone is laughter. Watch a funny movie together. Talk about funny vacations,funny things you each did as kids, funny things youve seen or heard. Sit and chat over coffee at home or out. Coffee gone chst time is over. Everybody should be able to handle 30 - 60 minutes. Keep it short and light-hearted. Get her to talk about her interests or hobbies share yours. Just stay shallow and light make it nice, something you can both say was cool, we should do this again.

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