• Which 10 amp fuse? the pcm fuse? What is your battery voltage?? is it the same as your fuse panel voltage? The best way to find an amp draw-make sure battery is fully charged and is good-clip a amp probe around pos. battery wire with key off-all accessorys off, doors closed ect..if you register one on your meter, start pulling fuses one by one in your fuse panel and checking the meter..when your amp draw goes away you've located your circuit. If it is the pcm thats drawing the power, it may be the unit is shorted internally and you might not have a wiring problem.
  • Yes,it was the PCM fuse (10amp) I again checked PCM fuse terminal with full battery charge with voltage probe, no reading, with or without the fuse. So I get no voltage there now. The test done without the PCM. But I have a 0.34 amps in ISG 3. I just did not mention it before. That was my next question. I get voltage only without the fuse. No reading at positive terminal. I really appreciate your help. Thank You
  • Well, I removed the fuse box and it was a little dirty, but Im continuing to get voltage reading IGN 3. I only get voltage when I test without the fuse, no voltage with the fuse. Another thing, I checked the trunk circut and found at least 6 other fuse holders hot to 12 volts, except Cigar fuse holder, 1.50 reading. Again voltage only without the fuse, no reading with fuse inplace. I wonder if this is normal. I have some specs if you need it. 1-Starter and Charging System 2- exterior lights 3- cruise control 4-power windows 5-AC amd Cooling fans 6-headlight and fog lights. I don't get my new PCM until this Tuesday. But I'm still confused about the voltage problem if it is a problem. Let me know which specs you want I'll attach it to the comments. Thanks
  • The Hydrometer, about 12" type was filled, water passed the red white and green markers and went up to the mercury bulb. Checked all cells, same results except it did float the insert once. Does that mean my battery is defective? Maybe its the whole problem. Also I disconected negative battery cable and with test probe on it and the positive terminal received a 0.07 intermitten voltage drop. I tried the light tester, would'nt light, probably due to voltage too low. For no good reason, with both battery cables connected I used the ground tester probe on the negative terminal and positive tester probe on the body ground, no reading. But when I put the testing positive probe on the radiator cap, I got a solid -0.09 reading. Am I reading this right? Several testings came back the same. Should I be looking for a short in the radiator?
  • If your using the hydrometer correctly. there should be numbers written oun the side of the glass..the float in the sight glass in water should come up to the fair or good reading for each cell. I can't remember the number spec for each cell..I believe it should be under 3.0 The float should rise to the "green" marking. if some do and some don't you have defective cell and battery needs to be replaced or recoditioned. New chaarging systems on the market have reconditioning systems built into them..I would replace battery and start over,. Finding small voltage readings in or on radiator is normal..I would attach a ground wire from engine to frame rail and leave there permanently, it will help get rid of the stray voltage. Once battery is replaced or known to be good, set volt ohm meter to amps scale..put your leads in correct ports on meter for reading amps. set it to highest amp scale, leave pos. battery cable attached. disconnect negative cable. hook meter in series wth circuit as follows, red lead from meter to negative battery terminal, black lead of meter to negative ground cable..Your meter is completeing negative battery circuit thus being hooked in series- Now read your amps..If you have a draw then pull fuses one by one and check meter each time fuse is pulled-let me know

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