• Do them in the pool or during Yoga for minimum impact and maximum flexability.
  • I've taken Tae Kwon Do for years and am pretty flexible. Sit on the floor, stretch one leg out, grab your foot, and slowly lean forward, continuing to breathe. (When I started, at age 26, I could only get halfway down my shin.) Hold for 20 seconds, then do the other leg. Then spread both legs out with your legs straight and lean forward. It helps if you have something to pull forward on. Keep breathing, and leaning a little more forward. I've heard that bouncing is bad. Then get up, walk around, and repeat in a few minutes. . When standing up, put your leg straight out to your side, resting it on something like your bed, the kitchen counter, a dresser, or a (carpeted) stair, depending on how flexible you are. Your upper body should be "standing" straight up - you'll probably feel pulling in your back (more below). Hooooooooooold it.... breeeeeeathe.... take a break, repeat. Once you can do that, increase the angle, either by putting your foot on a heavy book on the countertop, or by going a stair higher. I would put my right foot on the first stair, my left foot 4 or 5 steps up, stretch, and then let my right foot slide down a step, ow. Repeat on the other side. . For your back, while standing up, both hands reach wayyy over to one side, hold it, then the other.

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