• Isn't it sort of insulting to Luke, anyway.. I mean wouldn't he rather be referred to as hot? LukeHawt?
  • luke seems to be an alternative form of lew which meant 'tepid'
  • The word lukewarm has a long and respectable history, going right back to the 14th century. The adjective luke seems to be an alternative form of lew, Old English hleow, which meant 'tepid' (warm).
  • Once upon a time, there was this dude named Luke. He lived in Arizona, in the desert, where it was as dry and hot as a... well... as a desert. He and his wife lived smack dab inside a log cabin they had built together right in the middle of the desert. They took water from cacti and ate lizards and snakes, and if they got lucky enough, an owl. Travelers were amazed at how they were able to make a living right in the desert. They just lived. They paid no rent, no fees, no taxes. They loved it. One day, there was this business man. He was traveling across the desert to see if he was able to get better profits on the other side of the desert without bein' run outta town. He passed by the log cabin of Luke, and looked inside. There was the couple, sittin' at the table, havin' a lizard n' snake feast. The business man was so tired, and so hungry, and so thirsty that he collapsed right then and there. Luke and his wife nursed him to health. While taking his leave, a bulging bag of charred lizards and water on his back, he thanked the couple. Boy, was I lucky I ran into those two, thought the businessman, I could have died. The business man left with a great impression in his heart. But as you all know, business men only care about money, and when he got to town, he went straight to the print shop, impersonating an old man. He told the newspaper printer that a couple in the desert lived there, and they had beaten him and took all his goods. "I had barely survived," said the old man, really the business man. The newspaper printer brought this to the government. The mayor of the town refused to hear any more stories of being mugged in the desert, and decided to put an end. He put up a Wanted poster, saying that whoever killed the robbers would get 5 billion shillings. (that's a lot...) The businessman smiled when he saw the newsboard the next day. He ran right into the desert without packing anything. In the middle of the desert was the couple, gatherin' up lizards for their lunch. Mid-day, being the warmest part in any place, the businessman came up to the couple, chuckin' up all the sand around him. "I GOT YOU NOW!" yelled the businessman, "You're WANTED for mugging helpless people!!!" "We dun done nothin!" said Luke, diggin' in the sand to get catch a lizard. "That's the point! You are going to make me a huge fortune!" yelled the businessman, right before he had a heat stroke and died. So Luke's wife coined the phrase "lukewarm" because the desert was so warm, that it stopped them from going to jail... Turns out that the businessman's family sued Luke and his wife to their last pantyhose, and they ended up going to jail and getting a life sentence... But that's beside the point... Hope you liked the story...
  • No capital L. I think luke means medium or something. So lukewarm means kinda warm! Happy Saturday! :)
  • Because the term Lukewarm is to mean that its not cold nor hot, but in between. If your getting this question from reading the Bible. The meaning is that a person can not have it both ways.....Just my point of view tho.
  • I like Rogerwarm. Either way, I know Luke and he is rather fond of the recognition. He's kind of a homebody with self-esteem issues. He's just happy people refer to him at all.
  • I like Luke Skywalker better.
  • 'luke' is a coruption of 'lew', an Old English word for 'shelter'. So that would indicate that 'lukewarm', etymologically, means sheltered warmth, contained warmth, warmth that isn't full blown, 'mild warmth'.
  • Or MGwarm or even Robinwarm! They never pick us do they?
  • They tried those, but it never caught on.
  • Sockwarm.....ewwwwwww;(
  • becouse Luke underbid his quote on the rights to his name. I believe the next lowest bid was from Rosco.
  • It's funny. I always think of people named Luke as being wishy-washy. Strange correlation:)
  • i do believe luke is derived from the latin "lux" [light]. it means lightwarm if it was davewarm it owuld mean kingwarm stevewarm would mean crownwarm therefore it has to be lukewarm
  • Haha! I wonder about stuff like that all the time. Maybe somebody name Luke put hot and cold water together and invented the word warm then named it Lukewarm so everyone would remember he invented it. LOL!

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