• Is he just as active as he always was? Is he drinking water? Is he peeing and pooping just as much as he always was (and does it look the same)? If the answer is No to any of those questions, I would bring him to the animal hospital immediately. A sluggish bunny and/or a bunny who has stopped eating/drinking and eliminating is a serious, usually deathly, problem. If he seems otherwise fine except for this particular problem, I'd still consider bringing him to the vet. There may be something wrong with his teeth or tongue that you can't see. Perhaps the problem is unrelated to his mouth, but the longer the situation goes un-remedied, the more likely he will die, because rabbits normally have some amount food in their digestion system at all times: a lack of food results in painful gas and GI Stasis (which itself usually results in a very painful death). I also strongly suggest you stop feeding him bread, as there is very little in bread that is good for him and much in bread that can cause GI Stasis. And if you aren't feeding him grass hay already, I strongly suggest you start: it helps not only his digestion but also his teeth and his mood. Good luck!
  • ANY change in a rabbits eating patterns is a warning sign that his GI tract has shut down. Even 4-6 hours without solid food could mean real trouble. Get him to a vet now. And please do not feed your rabbit any bread or grain product, especially processed human food. IT is very bad for him and could even be the reason for his problem. Rabbits should not eat seeds, nuts, or grain. They should get all the hay they can eat, veggies and fruits, with some pellets. If you can, get some pineapple juice down your rabbit if you can't get to the vet right away.

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