• Its not just Baptists. Look at this link...
  • That is bloody ridicules. I knew a woman on welfare who went to some church and they took 10% from her measly income.
  • people who can (ie, the poor who cant dont have to) give 10%, and sometimes more, to the church because the rent and utilities has to be paid for the church, as well as the wages for the pastor, and anyone else who works fulltime for the church. they have to eat too. if it wasnt this way, then these people working for the church would have to have other fulltime jobs and wouldnt be able to focus on what theyre doing, and hence would not fulfill their jobs properly. and a church that cant pay the rent or utilities really cant be a church.
  • Because no one else is going to.
  • While I am a Baptist, indy fundamental, I think it is more general than just with us. It is about giving God via the church our first fruits, the top part of our earnings, for He deserves our best first above all the rest.
  • I know I am answering my own question, but from some comments here in this board, I felt the opportunity should be given for others to express their reasons for tithing. There seem to be a lot of people who think the church misuses the money, or that the church is only after your money. I would rebut those theories in this forum. Malachi 3:10 Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it. God tells us to bring a tithe, meaning 10%, to the storehouse, the church, that there be meat in His house. That means that the members of the church will finance the Church's operations from the resources God gives them. There are other verses that concern the tithe, and they all point the same way. Give the church a tithe, so that the church has financial means to accomplish God's work. It is your duty to see that your tithe is not misused, and I don't believe that misuse of tithes is at all common. That is why churches should be very transparent in their financial dealings, and if yours is not, find one that is. My church has quarterly business meetings, and all members are encouraged to be there. In those meetings the Pastor gives all members a copy of the church budget, what was brought in, and what went out for expenses and why. All members then can discuss, vote to spend, or not to spend, approve or disapprove any matter relating to the church and its money. We are all aware of the size of our churches bank accounts, and how they are used. Examples of spending we approve of would be financial support of the Pastors, support of 60 missionaries around the world, insurances for the church staff and property,operating a church funded food bank, scholorships for members children to attend Christian schools up to and including college, etc. Why not accept government funding for some of these things, like the food bank? Because with government funding comes government regulation. Government loves to tell churches what they can and cannot do. Right now it is fashionable for the government to tell churches they cannot speak of God when disbursing benefits, meaning that we could not preach the Gospel to those coming for food. That is not glorifying to God. He is providing the resources, and He should get the glory for it, and not the government. We have a food bank to draw people in to hear the gospel, and be fed in spirit as well as body. Every Sunday night approximately 150-200 people leave our evening service with as much food as they can carry, and a fresh salvation message in their minds. That cannot be done any other way. Our tithes have enabled our church to own a 2+ million dollar property free and clear. We have built a 600 seat auditorium without borrowing a cent. Why build the new building? We could not fit everyone in the old one. We already have over a million toward building the next one drawing interest in the bank. We have never been late or missed meeting a financial obligation of the church. My own daughter recieves a scholorship from our church which pays almost half her tuition to a Christian college. I did not ask for it, the church has a burdon to educate the next generation of leaders biblically. We have preached the Gospel to thousands over the 20 years of our food bank, and many will be in Heaven because of it. Without the members tithe, none of this would have been possible. I am not blowing my own, or my church's horn here, this is God's promises in action. He has certainly blessed our church that there is no room to recieve it. We keep having to build bigger barns, what a blessing! This is why give 10%. Let God prove Himself therewith, as He has for us.
  • I was raised in a Baptist church and I understand all of this but I also understand this. I went to a Baptist church for over 5 years while on welfare. I tithed in that 5 years hundreds of dollars. They went out and bought a church (which now is less than 1/2 full on Sunday) which costed about 100 million dollars.. I went to them desperately needing food (even $10.00 worth).. I was told I had to PROVE I needed their help and that I had to make an appt which would be in 6 weeks. I needed food then not in 6 weeks. I know people use the church to get money and then misuse that money and churches have to be careful but I was a long time member and I would have accepted a food voucher or the food iteself but they refused. I am sorry but if they can afford 100 million dollars for a new church they can afford to help me with a few groceries. especially since they send $25,000 a month to overseas missions..
  • Before 1870 tithing was not even discussed in Protestant churches in the USA. After a Baptist history of over 300 years without tithing texts (1649-1963), the Southern Baptist Convention first introduced tithing references in The Faith and Message in 1963. Now they act like those who oppose tithing as a biblical doctrine are suddenly all heretics! Already most Baptist churches un-biblically require tithing from its church officers which implies that spiritual gifts only reside within financially capable persons. Thus it is becoming mostly a leadership of the elite. They are also slowly moving towards making tithing an un-biblical requirement even for church membership. Thus the poor and financially cripple will be pushed out of their view of God’s kingdom against Christ’s declarations. In the opinion of this Baptist, the SBC (and others who do this) are guilty of promoting a false doctrine which they refuse to defend using sound biblical hermeneutics, biblical history, early church history and even Baptist history. Although their own church historians and leading seminary theologians usually disagree on tithing, leaders at the church level are demanding it be taught. Its paid employees (whose marching orders are found in the official Position Paper which is hard to find) must teach tithing! The methods they use to promote tithing clearly border on dishonesty.
  • WOW! It looks like I really opened a can of worms. Some people really have a lot of bitterness about not being helped by their own church. I cannot begin to explain why this happened, but some things are evident in these answers. 1. Some people expect a return from tithing in this world. That may not sound unreasonable, but once that money hits the plate it is no longer yours. If you still think it is, then your heart is missing the point of giving. You are building treasures in heaven, not on earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt. 2. Why would your own church turn you away? I don't pretend to have that answer. I will say that they have to be careful not to enable you to continue bad habits. What happened to the money you had? (prove you need our help?)This sounds very hard, but if you used it to fund a tobacco habit, of alcohol habit, or whatever, they should not give you money to do it some more. They still however should have got you some food. I do not know their reason, nor why they'd say come back in 6 weeks, but as I said, it sounds like the church was too big to be effective, and they did not know your personal situation. As sound an argument against Rick Warren style mega churches I have never heard. 3. Some people have not quite got the idea of mortifying the flesh yet. Could it be that all things work together for good to them that love the Lord? Maybe He wanted you in the position you were in, to learn how to help someone else in the future. Maybe He wanted to chastise you for some sin and that's how He chose to do it. Maybe you were being tested as Job was, how well do you think your comments meet Job's standard? 4. In all love and as kindly as I can and still get the point across, I'd submit that you have a heart issue that you really need God's help with. Please pray for His wisdom peace to come to you. I already did on your behalf. 5. Some churches have lost their focus. They are supposed to exist to edify and support God's people, and to preach the Gospel. I do not believe that building a better building and borrowing money to do it are glorifying God. It is much better to wait for God to prosper you and build with His blessings, n ot mortgage future blessings. While huge crystal cathedrals are impressive to men, not so to God. They are building egos and empires but forgetting about charity, kindness, and love for them of the house of faith. That is injustice to men, and reproach to the cause of Christ. Find a church that has the proper focus. 6. The lack of proper focus has a side effect. The fruits of the spirit get a backseat to personal wants, because of not teaching the whole counsel of God. Joel Osteens way comes to mind. Teaching is to elevate personal desires to the level of God's, and the natural result when God says no is bitterness. That is another failing of the mega church. Find another, please.
  • because they don't give to the synagogue, lol...
  • The word "tithe" literally means 10%. Back then 10% was the minimum people were supposed to give to God. Technically, it was ALL from God so they were really just giving it back. In the New Testament, we see the old woman who gave all she had and she was richly blessed for it. Although 10% is the minimum, God desires that we give all to Him. I'm not saying He wants us living on the street. We are also to be good stewards of what God has blessed us with.
  • It is called titheing.(sp)
  • Guess their told too. Better do what they say
  • It's called a tithe or an offering. It is not mandatory, but is defined in the Bible as what we as Christians should do. Any church that begs for money is not a good church. A church is supposed to be run by the tithes or offerings of the people. Not by yard sales, or bake sales, or begging for money. I would advise anyone who goes to a church where it is mandatory to give money should find a new one. I would also advise you to give a tithe though. In the end, you will be blessed because you have proved to be unselfish and help God's house (the church).
  • To keep it away from the Presbyterians (sp?)?! ;-)
  • it's because they have to do it. it was in the Bible said to share blessings and the greatest one was the poorest who still give even if he/she lacks of money!
  • I give generously to those I believe to be in need...and substantially more than 10% of my wealth. I do it not FOR God, per se, I do it because I have been greatly bless by God and I believe it is the right thing to do. For the most part, I do it personally, directly and as privately/confidentially as possible. Notoriety would embarrass me. It is rare for me to contribute to institutions because I believe that most fall short in delivering my gifts to those for which I would intend it. I do not do it through any church, since I do not believe that God requires me to do so...and I have never found a church that meets all my expectations, beliefs and could not offer anything greater than my personal and direct relationship with God. I believe that, insofar as giving, I meet God's expections...and He is reasonably pleased. As to why Baptists, et al., give 10% of their money to the church, I believe they are responding to that which persons like yourself incorrectly tell them, or strongly suggest, that such is mandated by God. No offense, but I believe that such directions, as set forth herein, are substantially more self-interest motivated than urging our Lord's expectations of us.
  • For the same reason people donate millions to political parties. They think about the favors they can get. But it doesn't work that way.

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