• Why does it matter - she's your ex! By worrying like this you are sending her a message that she can treat you badly whenever she wants and believe me if that is the sort of person she is you will get badly treated repeatedly. You broke up, she got drunk, she ended up in bed with someone - does it really matter why!? If you are trying to get back together think long and hard about why you broke up in the first place; then follow your head and decide whether it is the right move. If you were intending to stay just friends it sounds like it is time to move on.
  • Watch out- she will break your heart again and again if you don't stop talking to her. By saying she did it because it reminded her of you is a way for her to maintain emotional ties, a common problem after a break up, making it harder for both of you to move on. My advice is to take some time apart, for as long as you need, and accept the fact that it has not worked. Good luck!
  • MAN i hear ya. i left my ex because she was drinking too much. now about 3 weeks later since she has been calling me drunk, leaving letters and stuff trying 2 get back with me... she called lastnight drunk from some club in houston, and i could hear guys around her and stuff. i know what was going on there. My excellent week just fuckin crushed from her one call. i SO know what you mean. the only way to get the hoes out of our minds is to keep phone on silent or change number. avoid EVERY way from seeing her. when your confidence recovers from this blow,talk 2 other girls. good luck man
  • Um...screw her, let her be. Let her ruin someone else life.
  • i wouldnt go out with someone like that
  • This was three weeks AFTER you broke up? Do you really feel that there is an obligation to be faithful to someone after you break up with him or her? At that point neither is she obligated to give you reasons why she slept with someone else. You sound a little nuts and/or very young.
  • So? She's is your ex - not your wife. She is free to do as she pleases.
  • Uhhh, didn't you guys break up? And the whole "drunk" thing? That's an excuse that people use. He reminded her of you? You should know bullshit when you see it.
  • When donkeys fly yes!
  • When donkeys fly yes!
  • When donkeys fly yes!
  • 8-20-2008 No.
  • i wouldnt believe her

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