• For security reasons, the government will not release such information to the public. This is why it would be very difficult for an individual to pin point an exact location. It might be safe to assume that the weapons are stored underground to prevent aerial photography being taken of the weapons for national security reasons.
    • Mircat
      Ask Google for a map of where nuclear weapons are and you'll find out.
  • As pointed out in the earlier answer Security & Safety arethe prime concern in case of Nuclear Weapons. Generally it is stored in underground silos and will be in disintegrated form. As when required it is integrated. Different parts of it will be under the custody of different persons to avoid the possible risk from persons stealing it.
  • Nations (like the USA, USSR, China) have theirs "at ready" meaning they are atop of rockets at their designated launch sites, in launch tubes inside of submarines, are stacked in a neat pile next to the bomber planes that will carry them forth into the Last War, etc. At Ready is the "storage" of choice for most nations who have the nuclear bomb on "active duty". They do no good if you have them moth-balled and stored away to where you have to dig them out to use them. I believe one can travel through the heartland, say Kansas and see "bunkers" and Silos (underground launch sites) these will have nuclear devices inside. New or freshly built bombs are stored in bunkers near or on the same facility as the factory that builds the bomb. It will await transport to either test facility or to its designated silo. Mind Missiles in silos are being tested all the time, the nuclear devices atop of them are being switched out with newer devices. Radioactivity tends to degrade electronics and some materials fast, so to insure that the missile and payload are in tip top shape constant over hauling is taking place. Old devices, those that were built years ago and are suffering from some degradation due to radiation and time, are taken to facilities that are specifically designated for the disassembly of the device. Many military bases have bombs (not just missiles, but dropped bombs) that are nuclear, they keep their nuclear devices in bunkers on the base. Some are "stored" right on board the vessels from which they are launched i.e. submarines. Defused and disassembled bombs present us with not only the nuclear core (uranium and plutonium fissile material) but also with the irradiated parts of the bomb which all must be disposed of correctly. Unfortunately there is no dumping ground for these radioactive bits and pieces, they are in "temporary" storage in many placed around the country awaiting for a permanent solution to our nuclear trash.
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  • almost every major military base & bases we dont know about... ever watch 'mail call'?
  • Fascinating map reveals exact locations where nuclear bombs are stored via
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