• I think it would be easier for a British actor to imitate American accents. We get SO MUCH American TV here, that we hear the accent every day. I imagine there's a little less British TV shown over there.
  • As an amateur actor of the American kind, I find it quite easy to affect a British accent. I can't speak for the other way around.
  • I think for the British it would be easier specially if from Ireland, the accent is almost identical. For the Welsh, Scots and English it would be a lot more difficult then I suppose the Americans could do a better job imitating these guys. Cheers.
  • I can't really speak for how easy they'd find trying to do a good imitation, but I think it would probably be easier to fool American audiences with a badly imitated American accent than the inverse. America is so big, with such a diversity of accents and dialects, I doubt many Americans can keep track of them all well enough to notice anything but the very worst imitations. English people, on the other hand... I've known a few who could pinpoint your street address and your mother's maiden name by the sound of your accent.
  • I think it might be harder for a Brit to imitate a Yank primarily because Yanks seem to pronounce more letters (like "r"s) in words than Brits. Vocabulary variation might be easier for Brits because of all the American TV. Most Yanks don't know what a lorry is.

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