• Hmmm, there isn't really a home remedy for this. I advise you to see a dentist ASAP. Improperly treated or untreated dental infections can cause serious health problems, some of which are fatal. For example, endocarditis, which is in select cases is caused by untreated infections in the mouth by spreading bacteria to the lining of the heart. Better safe than sorry :) See a dentist. Hope this helps.
  • Three solutions short and sweet, Extraction, root canal and if you have gum infection you need to see a hygenist to do periodontal scaling/laser treatment (usually three visits). Oh ya, you can get on antibiotics but all that does is cut down the amount of infection. If your tooth has decayed to the pulp/ or broke into the nerve there is no way to salvage that. Good news is you have options , my suggestion is a root canal. Root canals are expensive but, you keep your tooth and save yourself alot or money in the long run.A replacement bridge runs around $3000.00 and a root canal is around a $1000.00 most dental insurance covers 50-80% of this . Hope this helps
  • By going to the dentist
  • You go to the dentist.

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