• i try to stay away fronn thenn
  • The only way to deal with any bully (as an adult) is to not engage. We all have that option, whether online or in person. It's really that simple.
    • Linda Joy
      That's what this girl tried to do. She said she didn't want to fight repeatedly. Then the other girl hit her anyway. That's when its time to defend yourself.
    • lavender
      Oh absolutely! We can't just be a doormat is someone is physically assaulting us, you must defend yourself. Bullying is one thing, but physical assault is definitely crossing a line.
  • If you saw me, you'd know I never get bullied. So the answer is, just be big and scary.
    • Linda Joy
      That's contrary to what my ex experienced. He's 6'5" was about 250-300, sometimes less, But he said when he went to a bar some guy would get drunk and want to pick a fight with the biggest guy in the place.
  • At my age now, I only get bullied by online "tuffies" and keyboard warriors. I usually politely engage when assaulted. When I was young, I had to deal with them more directly. My background in boxing made me a target often, especially from other ndns from other tribes. There were lots of "bare knucks" fights with other guys who would have liked to push me around. They only honed my boxing skills. There are several old ndns still walking around with no front teeth as a memory of me. 8/25/23

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