• Pay the ticket. Always come to a complete stop at stop signs. He was probably mad aboout having to be out at 11 pm following you around. You did not know that a cop was behind you? Was it an unmarked car? Make a habit of watching your rear view mirror more at night. The vast majority of policeman that I know are great people. If this guy was a jerk, all that you had to do was drive according to the law and he would have dropped you and moved onto someone else.
  • I would fight it, and tell the truth. You can state that his tailgating frightened you, so you stopped briefly. Good Luck
  • The officer followed you for several reasons. he may have been checking for stolen on your license plate number. he may have been waiting for a safer location, in order to effect the traffic stop. or, he could have been waiting for a backup officer. there are many reasons why police officers do what they do. there is always a reason. Whether you violated the stop sign or not, can be settled in court, under oath.
  • If you are frightened in a dark secluded area, you can put on your flashers after he signals for you to stop, and drive to a safer location. If you disagree with his ticket, you can follow John Penningtons advice and talk it out in court under oath.
  • I wouldn't waste time, just pay the darn thing!

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