• He won't change it because he's not proud of you.
  • After reading your other questions it seems to me that you do not trust your boyfriend, and seem very insecure about your relationship. But he IS single, he is not married or engaged so I do not understand your concerns, but assume it is based on jealousy and mistrust. You stated a week or so ago, that he puts you down and makes you feel bad about yourself, and that he does not spend enough time with you etc. My opinion on this is that he is not right for you. Why date someone that causes so much turmoil and pain in your life? He does not treat you well, he wont talk, and maybe because you are being too possessive, guys dont like that. I cant see this relationship progressing unless he opens up and you just relax and enjoy what you have, or move on.
  • I think he is just keeping his options open, which isn't really justified since you are together. Might be minor, but it says something.
  • Oh give me a break live your life in the real world not the computer world. Who gives a crap if it says he's single, dating, married, married with kids, married and cheating, married with kids and cheating, widowed, divorced, seperated, etc etc etc. Its MYSPACE!!! Wake up girl and realize that your life isn't lived in your computer and neither is his. At least they shouldn't be!
  • Yes, it is only myspace, but those little things can be but symptoms of much larger issues. There are more choices on myspace as to one's status. Selecting the "in a relationship" button would be appropriate for boyfriend/girlfriend situations and should be marked proudly, in my opinion. BUT, that would all depend on how long the two of you have been together. I would say as soon as you make it known you're exclusive, you should change it. It's not cool to lie not only to your friends, but to the whole world about whether or not you're single. IF myspace is so trivial, why can't he just go ahead and change it. If it's no big deal, then it should be no problem for him. What this tells me, and I know because when my boyfriend wouldn't change his, even after we moved in together, is that your man is with you, but still wants to appear single in case something better comes along. I blew it off the same way some of you are when my boyfriend wouldn't change his. Then I found out he was chatting up 4 other girls, asking them out and telling them how beautiful they were, etc, etc. Even telling one of them he LOVED her!! And from the single person's standpoint, it's a real pisser when you're talking to an interesting person and then you find out only AFTER trying to lay the mack down on 'em that they're attached!! Then you feel like a total moron having just "spit your best game" on someone who wasn't available in the first friggin' place!!
  • I have the same problem but on Facebook, so I know how you feel. I was pretty upset too, I eventually let it go though. I read all these other answers and they all have very valid points: i.e. he may not be proud of you or you may just be doubtful. I say just go with the flow and look for other bigger signs if you're having doubts.
  • Blab, blab, blab. He is single, isn't he?
  • My boyfriend's Myspace status says he's single. He's just too lazy to change it. I know he loves me, so I don't really care. That's just a minor thing, really. There are more important things you should be concerned about, in my opinion. If people ask you if you're his girlfriend, what does he say? That's what matters more than a mere myspace status. He probably, like my boyfriend, doesn't see the point in changing it.
  • well he probably isnt ready to date just yet but he could just like to flirt. i would go on your myspace and put down single and see how he reacts to it. tell him it works both ways.
  • I have the same problem. Me and my man have been together for 2years now and we met on myspace. Yeah, I don't like to say it, but its true. He doesn't answer me when I ask him. I moved for him and we live together, and its just weird. He won't change it, and it makes me sad. I changed mine immediately. It's hard, sometimes I think he wants to be single and other times it's maybe because I want him to change it and he's being a dick. anyway, everything passes through time. I would just not think about it and maybe see where everything goes. Remember, your life is the only one your living. Take care of you first! and always take care of your own well being first. Also, my pops told me guys are dogs! Its very true,even if you can't live without them.
  • he doesnt want to ruin any other relationship opportunities. if you get serious he will change it.
  • He is not interested in truly being serious and at least you know that.
  • This has given me a new appreciation for how way over the top seriously people take Myspace. I think my status said single for a long time in spite of the fact that I'm married. It's just because Myspace doesn't matter and I never thought to change it when I was on there. Eventually I did though. Maybe he just doesn't take Myspace seriously either. One would hope, anyway.
  • after reading everybody(page1 :D) it does sound as though your not confortable with him anymore, maybe afraid to be alone, trust me alone can be far better than together with the wrong person. good luck
  • For just the reason you stated in your question. He probably doesn't want other people to know he's dating. You could also consider the idea that he doesn't want to feel like he's off the market or closed off to other posibilities. Which by the way sounds like he's someone who would cheat on you. Also take this to thought, if he's not willing to take the time to do the small things to make you happy, what makes you think he'll even consider the big things when they come around? Hope this helps!
  • He probably just dosnt want anyone knowing that he has a girlfriend because he wont get much attention from other girls if they think he has a girl. He must be a very flirty guy.
  • Since I'm not a member in myspace but I think I know what you're talking about as "myspace status" thing. If he truly want to be with one person then he will not make himself available to others, when someone sees his status as being single then they would think he's free as a birdie. If he's not taking this relationship serious, then perhaps you should do the same by changing your status as single, if it bothers him that much, he would change it on his own. :) ..
  • Sounds to me that he just doesn't care what a profile says about his 'status' because he doesn't care what people label his as - all what matters is what he knows and how he feels. People dont need a blog to tell them who they are and what's going on in their lives.

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