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  • He is probably cheating because his wife isnt putting out. Happens all the time. I wouldnt call it a mid life fling, more like fulfilment of needs. To make him stop his wife would need to give him what he wants and inform the woman/ women he is cheating with that he is married. (i think in most cases the women dont know the man they are sleeping with is married).
  • having trouble with comments posting so to 19kid's answer: I know this couple personally, my friend has a phobia about putting questions like this online. I told her what you had to say and she told me to relay the following: First off her husband "gets good loving at home 3-4 nights a week EVERY week" Also she said she "doesn't need to inform this Dbag that she & her husband ARE MARRIED since this loser worked with her husband for many years" and "is well aware that they are together for how long they have been married and the children they have." She is simply a low class or rather no class sefish skank who has no regard at all for the pain she can cause others. This does not of course exclude her husband from blame..he made vows however this woman is well aware of those vows and so in my friends opinion has betrayed her as equally as her husband has betrayed his vows. Also this is something this man never even contemplated for 18 yrs of their marriage...he hit 40+ and when off the deep end it seems and is doing things he has strongly opposed of in others in the past. He always said cheating was the lowest thing anyone could do. He has never done this before. And why do ppl always say it's the victim's fault...if someone's not getting enough speak the F up and ask for it!! Odds are u will get more than you expected and not have to hurt anyone to do so!! Before u betray someone state your issues and work on them as a team...your mariage/relationship/committment will be better for it!!Don't go and get your rocks off somewhere and then pass the blame onto "well if you would have been putting out more i wouldn't have...." Spare me that's a lame ass frickin excuse for betraying your vows! That's just a cheaters way of admitting "ooops I'm a F**& time to pass off the Blame Buck" It's really a lousy thing to do, trying to belittle another for your own ignorant choice!!

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