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  • Could be different motivations, maybe for just the sex, with nothing else wanted, Could be that they hope to breakup the marriage to have the person for themselves, realizing that with every illicit meeting that poison is being interjected into the persons marriage, Could be , enjoying the power and control she has over the married man, his wife, and their family. Nothing good comes from this.
  • I would be careful in this situation. This could be one of those fatal attraction scenarios. She could be biding her time until the opportunity presents itself to make a move, which could be just about anything, from mudering the wife to suddenly saying, "Hi, I'm the other woman!" This, as the previous answer stated is a "nothing good can from this" situation for sure. As to why she is allowing herself to be treated this way, only she can say. It could be that she has a self esteem issue, is just in it for the sex, or some other psychological disorder that prevents her from seeing that this is a no win scenario. In any event, I would stay clear of her unless you are the guy she is in love with and it's already too late...

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