• Um when he first moved in they told Mr. Furley Jack was gay so he would let him live with the two girls.
  • I think it was aimed at society at the time, certain segments of which might have found homophobic insults humorous. We were intended to laugh with Mr. Furley, not at him. I don't think the show was that deep to be pointing to such things as wrong. [Of course, these days, such things would get a hail of protest - rightfully so.] It was extremely a shallow and slapstick show, after all.
  • I just thought that show was hilarious. I loved it. As far as the gay jokes go, people are like that in real life. He was just playing a part. I have no problem with them. Really good question.
  • Mr. Furley was the butt of the jokes. Why? because he was told when the three moved in that Jack was gay so that they could all live there. So, his making comments to Jack about being a "fairy" made him look like a clueless dolt..thus poking fun at homophobes.
  • I believe it was poking fun at homophobes.
  • I thought it was Mr. Roper who made all the gay joke not Mr. Furley. The girls told Mr. Roper Jack was gay because, he was the original landlord.
  • I love Three's Company... but def. Mr. Furley was the butt of the jokes because Jack wasn't gay at all... I don't think they were necessarily poking fun at anyone... I mean, that show is hilarious, and those jokes only added to the hilarity.
  • I think Mr Roper was more known for expressions like "tinkerbell." And back then I don't think people were quite so easily offended (we hadn't entered the Sensitive Soul era yet).

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