• Stop...?
  • You should see your doctor to make sure there is nothing serious wrong with your back.
  • If you are doing exercises which include lifting weights then you should do the exercises with some support on your back.. You can also use a belt(that comes for this purpose only)
  • Begin your exercise program by focusing on exercises that help strengthen your back. Then in a few weeks add new exercises one by one. Also, whenever you work abs you should work your back to keep things balanced. Good ones to start with include: Stability ball exercises like Superman & Back extension or While on all fours, lift opposite arm and leg together until parallel with floor. Hold and lower. Switch sides.
  • Swimming exercises are best for your back, you need to stregthen your back so pilates or yoga would be good as they streghten the core of your body which is good for your back. You should however see a doctor or even better a pysiothearpist to see what damage there is before you start any exercise. What part of your back hurts?
  • Stop and let it heal. If it continues then you need an MRI to find out if there is any soft tissue damage. If there is any damage then you can take it from there. rehab, chiropractor, acupuncture, rest, surgery....and so on.
  • well when my back hurts due to sit-ups i do something else like push-ups or running, you can start with walking fast that way you exercise and it wont hurt as far as i know.
  • I heard that walking is something everyone can do. Just go walking for 30 mins a day, 5 days a week until you can do it without having to breathe so heavy, then pick up the pace and add in some other type exercises. I'm reading "The Biggest Loser Work-out" book and it's awesome haha
  • go to a chiropractor, you have probably hurt your back, take it slow for a few days, buy a back brace.. a lot of people use them when doing heavy lifting and such... don't push so hard in exercising..
  • There are many ways to exercise besides doing jumping jacks and sit ups. My doctor just has me walk every day. It works wonders. You can also swim, or ride a bike.
  • Keep on trying a different exercise until you find one that does not, good luck... :-)
  • Go to the doctor to find out what's wrong! :)
  • Some great advise from members so far; see the doc. of course. Stay limber. Esp. keep your ham string stretched. It has done wonders for my old back injury; it helps to prevent flair ups and further injury. As Big Daddy says, let it heal. You can hurt it much worse and possibly perm. by pushing it. Stay well my friend. :)
  • Immediately STOP. If each and every exercise hurts something is certainly wrong.
  • Stop exercising for a few weeks, make sure to stretch, and sleep properly. Take it easy after that, gradually work your way up, dont start with the hard stuff first.
  • I take a hot shower and rest until the pain's gone. The pain may be due to the sweating and then cooling at your back, not only because you have done hard moves.
  • You might be doing the exercise wrong or it too much before you are ready. If it hurts when you are not exercising then go to the doctor, but if it is just while exercising try a different way because your body might not be strong enough for that exercise. When I was doing yoga I did too much too soon and pulled a muscle in my back. Just be careful :)
  • try pilates and walking
  • I stop exercising, but then again, I'm lazy and never exercise. Try walking or jogging.
  • Good comments here. I have some pretty intense back problems, and I've found that it's important not to add further stress, but equally important not to let your supporting muscles weaken and stop moving altogether. A lot of low-impact workouts have been mentioned here: swimming is great, especially in warm water, stability ball excercises can be good, I havent tried pilates but hear good things. Even when I'm having spasms and stuff I can usually walk, which truly does wonders. Yoga is also good, although balance poses & inversions can be problematic. Find ways to strengthen your abdominal muscles without putting strain on your back -- not sit ups! they put strain on every part of your back, from your neck to your lower spine, not recommended. The biggest tip is pretty common sense: if it really hurts, stop doing it, you may be causing damage.
  • what kind of work out are u doing, it could be u are just working out wrong even the way u turn ur hands can change whether u are working out correctly. also I used to get a sore back just because it was not strong, do back exercises or trying using a personal trainer even just for a few sessions to teach u how to lift and run it may cost a couple hundred but at least u will know if u are doing it wrong.
  • Try a good cranial osteopath who'll be able to see if you're out of alignment somewhere. (Obviously the doctor as well to rule out anything else). Fret not, you'll fix it.
  • Fix it, by applying the information here
  • Time heals everything :)
  • Get an inversion table. Helps stretch your back and stuff, friend uses one.
  • acupuncture should work :P well unless ur afraid of needles poking ur back, those work pretty well, they can help u relax ur back muscles by inserting needles on ur pressure points :P
  • Seriously, see a spinal doctor. My doctor ignored me about my back pain to the point I thought I was just lazy. I went to the gym and just did a little walk on the treadmill and road the stationary bike. I did make an appointment with a specialist. I have a vertabrae tilted out of my spinal column. I now need surgery. So seriously, please get it checked.

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