• 8-22-2017 I listened to all day every day for years. One day I went looking for something else. I downloaded several hours of carousel organ music from youtube and I play it occasionally. But mostly I don't listen to music any more.
    • Linda Joy
      A little off the beaten path. Doing your own thing! I like that!
    • Jewels Vern
      It all began with a guy named George Vancouver. The guy they named the city after. George sent a gift of cattle to the king of Hawaii. And that was Kamehameha the First. George told the king to put a taboo on the herd, let it grow. That was ok with the islanders. They didn't know what cattle were. They thought they were like big dogs or something. Well, this went on until Kamehameha the Third took over, and by that time the islanders had about all the cattle they could stand. They were grumbling about cows tearing up their gardens and endangering the children. So the king called his court together and asked them for ideas. Nobody in Hawaii knew how to handle cattle, but one guy had seen some people in San Diego who knew all about it. So the king went to San Diego to look for these people. Now doncha know, if you go looking for people to round up cattle you are going to get taken to a rodeo. If you have never seen a rodeo, well, it's very impressive. The king was so impressed he hired everybody. He took about a hundred and fifty guys back to Hawaii with him. Well, consider the times: if you go to San Diego, in 1830, hiring cowboys, you're going to get a bunch of Mexicans. And some of them are going to play guitars. So after work these guys would sit around their campfires, pull out these guitars, and start playing. This just blew the islanders away. You see, the Hawaiians had never heard music. Hawaiian music was based solely on a singer. They had flutes and drums, but they were never ever played solo, only as backup for a singer. So when one cowboy played a melody and another played the backup, or maybe one fellow played both parts, that was something the islanders had never heard of. Some of them wanted to learn this new instrument, and woodworkers started trying to copy it. When the cowboys finally went back to San Diego, there was just a slight problem: they had only taught the islanders Spanish tuning, and the islanders kept thinking the strings sounded tense. They kept wanting to relax the strings to get something more appropriate to their ears. So that is what they did. That is why the style is called "slack key". They developed over five dozen different tunings, every one of them tuned below the standard Spanish tuning. The Hawaiians liked the sound of open strings, and many tunes can be played with one hand, no fretting at all. Well, almost. For a long time the Hawaiians felt like their heritage was being stripped away. They lost their land, their religion, their way of life. They decided they wouldn't let their music go, so the music went underground. For almost 150 years they refused to play for strangers. In the 1970s they began to realize that they didn't have enough people to assure the continuation of their art, so they decided to open up, play their music in public, and accept students from outside their own families. And that is how a music tradition over 150 years old was suddenly dropped on a world that had never heard such sounds.
  • I do not listen to music. most of it is just noise. I never turn the radio on in my car. If people want to listen to music that is fine just use ear buds or earphones rather than polluting the quiet with noise.
    • Linda Joy
      So what's the politically correct term for someone whose prejudiced against music? LOL I also understand the value of quiet I learned that when the kids left home.
  • i dont listen to music much, i get distracted by it
  • Rock sometimes heavy Metal
  • Depends on my mood. There is very little music I don't like. Mostly just the music that degrades women, the police or is full of hate. Lately I've found myself listening to a lot of 80's music. I don't listen to or watch anything that makes me sad.
  • I listen to a lot of music. Sometimes lots of 90s alternative stuff. Different types of electronic music. Some punk rock when I'm getting back to my roots. Lots of goofy stuff like ween or they might be giants. Lots of Neil Young lately. Lots of Old Radiohead lately. It really varies. I do keep up on new stuff from bands I like. Often at work we listen to Country or Christian Contemporary and I hate it, it makes me cringe.
  • Dean Friedman.
  • mostly the genre of T.S.O.L. or Cro-Mags.
  • Today I started out my morning with this. : )
  • Smooth jazz; old school
  • At home, for the most part ... It's the Blues or old Rock&Roll.
  • i dont listen to music much, i find it distracting
  • Japanese traditional.
  • i dont listen to it at all at, i find it distracting
  • It depends on my mood. Mostly classic rock. Next oldies from the 50, 60, 70s 80, 90s. I listen to Blues from the 30s on Youtube. Robert Johnson, Skip James, Charles Patton , others. Some Hip Hop too.
  • Classical
  • I listen to a bit of everything, my music mood changes. My favorite genre is probably newish folk, like Band of Horses or Lumineers. I some times get in the mood for some Louis Armstrong or Frank Sinatra. One of my favourite albums of all time is Paul Simon's Graceland. I love music. Can't live without it.
  • Nope. If music is making you cry, then you have emotional issues. I tend to prefer audio books over music, to be honest. but some Sefa never fails to cheer on a good day.
  • I never listen to music.
  • all genres
  • Old Time Rock & Roll on XMRadio all the time turn volume real low to cover up my tinnitus works very well May 24 2022
  • Rock, reggae, ska, blues, punk, occasionally country or hip-hop, maybe even jazz, most of it old! As for making me cry, if the right/wrong amount has been imbibed a particularly emotional song of any genre, or one with memories attatched can do it.
  • I grew up in a musical family, My dad was a professional guitarist Jazz&r&r Plus family members on dad's side were classical musicians string instruments, Lastly their father owned a music&art camp in S. Jersey. I listen from Bach to Rock and most every genre in between.
  • dont like sad songs to make me cry ......but some love songs are sad, i like them but never cry ..i like tons of music

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