• There's a reason someone is an ex. I've never tried to win an ex back. That's like playing Russian roulette with a semi automatic.
  • YA thats how me and my wife were before we got married. I Found out the hard way on What i really missed when sh wa gone.... See she let me go cause i was stupid and listen to some friends who said stupid stuff that they knew would get me but when i relized that my wife is who i really wanted then i came back to her. It wasnt easy the firstr few months cause i had to prove that she was all i wanted but it was well woth it in my opnion. (sorry about the spelling)
  • I have always thought that you should realize what you have whilst your partner is still with you. Only idiots wait until they are gone.
  • If men tried to ignore their ex, the woman most likely never counts the cost. Us men are the ones who usally finds out who lost who and regrets it. Women don't think to hard about it. Thats what I have noticed. Not true with everyone, but I have seen it in most relationships.
  • If someone doesn't want to be with you, doesn't love you, you can't manipulate them back. And would you want someone by trickery or manipulation. That's not love. If they part from you and find they honestly do love you still, they will be back, if not, they were not yours to begin with.
  • I haven't tried it personally. However, I have had an ex or two all of a sudden tell me, "Baby, I'm sorry..let's try this again." And out of all honesty, depending on why we broke up from the beginning, I may or may not give that person another chance because the million dollar question that will always remain in the back of my mind would be, "Dam! Why did we break up in the first place?!?!?!?!"
  • No. Not true. It's all about communication. Don't be one of the game-players. Just tell them you want to talk about your relationship honestly. If they can't do that, you don't want them anyway.
  • Yea,, almost all my exes wanted to come back, but i said,no babe, we can just be friends! there is one ex out there, that i would come back to but he is back in Miami,fl and im in russia now :P
  • I haven't tried this truly yet. I did for a bit, but my ex came back to me with contact still. Now though she is gone again, even though she says she loves me and doesn't want to move on--despite her putting up her match profile, I feel sorry for the next guy, he'll only be her rebound if anything. But I am ending contact, so I guess we'll see if she wises up and realizes she just lost the best thing in her life. She'll realize it one day, that's all I know. I believe that if its meant to be then its meant to be. But there are always risks when it comes to getting back with an ex. Of course, some risks are worth taking. I don't really know if I would get back with my ex...if she came to me crying and begging I might. Good luck either way though.
  • It's not about playing games with them. If you keep contacting them and spouting out every emotion possible (anger, hope, love, pretend happiness) then you're only playing games with yourself. Don't contact them for a while. Eventually, they may want you back; by then, you may have found all your answers alone, and who's to say you'd want THEM back?
  • im in that situation right now, but im afraid, even after 5 year relationship that he's done with me. ive already cried to him when he finally picked up the phone after my fifth phone call today. i may sound crazy but im gonna try it. im not gonna call him from now on. he knew how i felt about him. but when he finally said i love you to me after 5 years, he ups and leaves the next day. who knows if ignoring him will work. do it and lets us both see
  • kinda hard to ignore him when he is half ignoring me...yes it has happened to me and most times it made it easier to get over them...but then with this one that i fell in love with it hurts so much and i still want to go back to him
  • If they come back to you, it's because it's what they wanted to do. Regardless of what we did or didn't do or say.
  • Guys are hardwired. It's in their blood to crawl back. I take this from my 40 year old brother who is still alone. He said he doesn't understand it, but when he feels like they aren't begging, he couldn't take it, he realized he couldn't live without them. He also said he misses every girl he ever dated no matter how they were to him. But ya he's alone... He's a cowboy haha. He's just chillin I guess
  • ...statagy has been in pprogress for 2 weeks, no change in her attitude. but i was kinda an a**...
  • yes, i've tried it and he called me to tell me he isn't going to call me. i guess he didn't want to feel less "manly." since i started the ignoring first, he couldn't take it and came back to tell me he is was going to ignore me. WHATEVER.
  • Yeah, my last boyfriend finished us twice and regretted it both times. When he ended it, I just walked away. I was devastated but I didn't phone or txt or beg him to come back. As far as he knew, I was just getting on with it. I guess the problem back then was that I was too available for him. He didn't have to chase me anymore so he took me for granted. When the spark has gone he ended it. But my acceptance of the break up set something off. I then became a mystery to him. He was curious about who I was, what I was feeling and became insecure that he meant nothing to me. This set off the spark and the fire. He came back. Things were good for almost 2 years. but we recently split up. This time I am not taking him back, but I am on good terms. Hopefully we can be friends in the future, but keeping a guy on his toes is just too much hard work.
  • I've been on both sides of this coin. Being a girl I can tell you being ignored SUCKS. Even at 39. But ignoring someone sucks even worse, cause let's not lie - they're on our mind 24/7 after a break up anyway. It's not in my nature to ignore my man, but that's exactly what I'm attempting to do right now. We got into a huge fight on Christmas Eve and we haven't talked since. I hurt his feelings but he responded with some things that REALLY upset me. At this point I'm not sure if I want him back. And then, lo and behold, out of the blue, my ex from another city just happens to call me this weekend after a bit of radio silence- and yes, the "ignoring" part made me want him back even more, damnit. This is the one guy I've never gotten over. He's going to be extremely hard to resist. (We are ex'es due to demographics, not due to a fight.) *sigh* Does this just prove God has a wicked sense of humor or what?
  • Really? ...
  • I've had a "when I'm done, I'm done" attitude and every one of them has come back in one way or another. Thankfully, it has allowed me to have some keep some wonderful friendships but no flirting, no nothing, with the "I'm done" bit. They have to meet and treat my current interest with the same respect or those ex friendships wouldn't be possible. I'm also talking about relationships that have each been a minimum of 5 years and after all, I did love something about them at one time!
  • I've never gone back or taken one back. I can't say that I've ignored them or they've ignored me...I just moved on...I'm not sure what they did...
  • No, best to move on.
  • I believe in being a DieHard in a relationship.Go the extra mile. You take and take and take..anything to try and make it work. But, when I am done, I'm done.I don't believe in all that game playing. I couldn't care less if they ignore me or not. And ignore them...them who? They no longer exist. Now, do they sometimes try to get back with you once your done? Yes. Usually because they can't believe that you actually had a stopping point.
  • yeah....i'm trying and hoping till to get him back now, and as soon as he is acting that this is the end, and he don't care about me is REALLY so hurting..the 3rd monthes like that...i can't carry all this anymore...i'm slowly dying...i can't see this life from good side...i hate everything around me...and you know, the most difficult is that i HATE HIM, i hate him because i love him, and can't breath without him...but as he said "HE DON"T CARE!" Don't know what will happened to me today or tommorrow...
  • No way. Once they are done with me I move on and after some grieving and a lot of sleeping they become old news. Oh I can think about good times and things we shared but that is all in the past.

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