• there is special testing for adults with disabilities. This link can help you learn about them. As for a special school to get a GED I'm not sure. in any case you need to speak up. Ask for help. Ask over and over and over until you get the help you need. You should have a social worker or a representative of some sort and even a legal advocate if you need one that can help you. See to it you get one. my email address is in my profile if you email me I can talk to you privately and try to help you if I can. I don't really know what your issues are so I can't be more specific. but whatever you do don't ever give up!
  • Making the effort to learn is something STUDENTS have to do. You might have very good or not so good teachers, it doesn't matter.The days of blaming anybody but yourself are over. Learning can be hard sometimes but if you are not studying and making a serious effort it's never going to happen. Your local Community college probably has the classes you need if you are ready to work.
  • there might be, not sure where they are

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