• That is my main question,i am confident,i am not pushy,i am what they call average Joe i am 5,6 feet tall and i weigh about 149 pounds(am i fat?!?).I went out with my friend and some girls yesterday to watch a movie (i didn't enjoy it,because the girls were swearing,drinking and pretty much other stuff,i don't want to hang out with them any more)I don't want to turn in to an alcoholic ,i even don't want to try alcohol till i am not a minor anymore.What i look in a girl is personality and looks(from clothing side,do they wear clean clothes,do they smell odd)i am not a bad person,i don't make really rude jokes,i don't make fun of people that have disabilities or are a bit chunky.I enjoy swimming a lot,i swim almost every day. I try to make girls laugh,and they do.But i just cant seem to find the problem.
  • I'll tell you the problem right away. You're being yourself. Ouch, huh? From what you're telling me, you're a textbook example of a nice guy. The funny one who always makes the girls laugh and have a good time, but never really attracted to you. You're the good friend who listens to their secrets and is there when they need someone to confide to, no? Stop it! It sounds weird to a majority of the guys, but even if the girls say that they want "a well-mannered, nice gentleman who they can trust", when the fact is that if you ask a girl something like that, then present them with someone who is not exactly like that, but presents the key qualities that spark attraction, the following day their answer to the question will have changed - according to the person they met last night. I know, it's crazy! The good thing is, you can learn to be the one to spark the attraction. What you're doing right now is something that inevitably leads to you never getting the girl. In spite of the girls wanting a nice guy, what they really want is someone who is confident enough to give them a challenge. Especially the absolutely stunning women out there, who get approached constantly. The flood of your average chumps is so overflowing that when someone actually presents a challenge and has their own opinion, and even dares to express them, their curiosity is piqued. So, what I want you to do is to start having your own opinions, learning to say no to the most gorgeous girls out there, and to be confident - almost in an arrogant way; just remember to be funny too. Stop being the psychologist for these girls, the only thing that will spark is their undying gratitude for listening for them when they wanted someone to talk to - they'll find someone else to play around with, if they want it. So, stop trying to be nice to them, and start being confident, and busting these girls'. Do it in a funny way, and they'll love you for it. Don't tell me that "it isn't me to do that", because trust me, when you do that, you'll eventually start to feel even more you than you've felt before. No, really!

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