• Purchase her some books on fashion and design, some sketch pads (to draw her own designs and ideas), some fashion magazines, anything to encourage her interests. Can you help her get interested in sewing? Maybe an introductory class for kids at the Jr. College or something. If not, maybe a friend or grandmother or someone can teach her. Once she masters sewing, she can make her own designs a reality. When you shop, take her with you as a "fashion consultant", ask her questions, ask for suggestions, and if feasible, take her advice. Ask for her input even if you know the answer. (What color would go best with my tan skirt?", etc.)
  • Get her plenty of art supplies and books (at least one on human form) to read about fashion and design. Help her learn how to draw dresses from magazines, and modify them. (Don't trace, if she can keep from it.) I'm sure you will also need to get samples of different kinds of cloth, and fasteners, so she can 1) feel them for and learn the comfort factor; 2) learn how different cloths "drape" differently; 3) learn how buttons, zippers, etc. work with different cloths and clothing, etc. She will also need to learn how to sew, so she knows how to put different pieces of cloth and the fasteners together. No... I know nothing about fashion or fashion design... All of the above is just logical. ;-)
  • Dont ignore her interest, she doesnt need negligence but you do want to tame them before they get out of hand, nudge her in the right direction... let her know when too much is too much and teach her to draw the line with her expenses
  • I would go the simple route and get her a sewing machine. She can try her hand at making her own creations. There are some amazing museums out there with collections of textiles, clothing and costumes from all ages. Always a good inspiration. There are classic films with good clothing in them and she can take a drawing class to learn how to draw the human figure. A library will hold books about art, art history, fashion and textiles too. Get into it with her. You can watch the Oscars or other awards ceremonies together and critique the clothes. It sounds like such fun!
  • 5-14-2017 She needs vocal skill, no matter what she goes into. That can be any sort of acting or story telling. Get "Dress For Success" by John Molloy. Lots of advice in that book.
  • Defiantly you shouldn't ignore her interest and buy books related to fashion and design also you can purchase sketchbooks where she can design her ideas and fill it by color also help her to learn new things in fashion design so that her interest would be more towards fashion designing and after 12th you can introduce her a fashion designing colleges where she can fulfill her dreams.
  • maybe you can buy her stuff to practice on
  • Is there a museum or gallery in your area that she could visit? There are often travelling exhibits of costumes and such.

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