• You can be at top dead center either on the compression stroke, or the exhaust stroke, so you need to be on the compression stroke. You can do this by spinning the engine with your finger over the #1 spark plug hole, and when it blows your finger off you are on the right stroke. Do this with all plugs removed. Or, you can get a slurpy straw, remove the number 1 plug and all others, stick the straw in the #1 hole and wait tell the straw raises up. Once it raises up you can make marks on the straw like a ruler and judge where TDC is by seeing when the straw goes back down. Dont use anything other then a straw so it doesnt break off in the cylinder. If you don't have a way to spin the engine such as, it its not in the vehicle, remove the valve cover on the drivers side to see the #1 rockers. Turn the engine until you have the piston up, and both valves closed, as in the rockers are relaxed on both intake & exhaust. Simple, simple, simple. I just did this today to.
  • Thanks for telling me how to set the TDC but when I drop the distibuter what should the Rotor be pointing at. On my 98 GMC 350 it seems that I have only two options because of the oil shaft. Can anybody explain what the rotor should be pointing at once I've found TDC? It's seems like it should point to the number one cylinder but I don't know.

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