• Ok, I am in Australia and in the past, the laws said, we had to do a certain amount of o/t if required. Our new laws give the employers all the powers, over us workers. So in fact, we are like you. You will have to resort to the Aussie way, if you don't want to be forced. You can fake illnes, Say that you need to be home at a cetain time cause a service man will be arriving at a certain time and it takes weeks to get xxx fixed, you can say you have a kid you have to look after, who's mum is in hospital and you have to look after him/her, as your next of kin. You can be honest and say, I'm stuffed, the neighbours fought all last night and couldn't get to sleep. Or you could tell your boss, up your-self and just walk out. Hope this helps.
  • In the U.S.A, there are no laws, saying that an employee has to give you any advance notice of overtime, and they can fire you if you refuse. You could give the excuses above, but they are not binded by law, to accept them, and may still keep you. Good luck!
  • Please call Labour Board or visit to see your rights. The employer cannot terminate an employee without notice for refusing to do overtime. They have to give you two weeks's notice with pay (severence pay). Besides, you are entitled to 1.5 times salary after 44 hrs of work in a week. You are entitled for 1.5 times salary for working on Sundays and hoildays. You are also entitled for vacation pay even if you are part-time employee. If the employer is not paying you according to the law, you can visit a nearby Labour Office and register the report with them. They can keep your name anonymous and will act based on the info provided by you for all the employees. If the employer has not given you comfortable and safe working condition, you can contact Worker's compensation Board to see if you have a case there. All these agencies can keep the person who reported against their employers anonymous, provided you notify them that you do not want your name to be told to the employer. If you are being descriminated because of your sex, race, colour or being mocked at, please contact Human Right Commission regarding your right to be treated equally and with respect and human dignity. You have the rights as an employee. Educate yourself and stand for them. Hope this helps! Good luck..

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